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If I have recurring payments made from my compromised card, do I need to take action?

The Visa Account Updater Service automatically updates your TCT Federal Credit Union Visa® Debit card information on file with participating merchants for recurring payments when your card is lost, stolen, replaced or expired.

All TCT Federal Credit Union’s Visa® Debit cards are automatically enrolled in this service, which requires no action on your part. However, it is important to know that this service does not relieve you of your obligation to ensure merchants have your correct card information on file for recurring payments. Not all merchants participate in this program. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the merchant(s) and ask if they participate in the Visa Account Updater Service.

If they do participate, payments should automatically transfer to your new card.

If they do not participate, you will need to provide them with your new card information in order to continue recurring payments.

You may opt-out of the Visa Account Updater Service by contacting your local TCT branch and completing our opt-out form. Reasons why you may want to opt-out:

  • If there were fraudulent recurring transactions on your compromised card
  • If you wish to make other arrangements for your recurring payments

By opting-out of the Visa Account Updater Service, you will need to update the merchant(s) with your card information each time you receive a new or replacement card.

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