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Protect Yourself from ATM Skimmers
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Card Skimming Happens Here

Stealing debit card information using "skimmers" at gas pumps and ATMs is not a new problem. But thieves are becoming more sophisticated at hiding the devices. Below are some additional ATM safety tips to keep in mind.

Inspect before using

Beware of ATMs whose card slots are a different color than the rest of the machine; have unusual equipment on the slot, keypad or sides, or overhead (which could hide a camera); or don't accept your card smoothly. If the slot is not securely attached, walk away. Some ATMs have a flashing or steady light at the card slot. If the light is obscured, suspect tampering. Also, try wiggling the keypad or card slot, if anything seems loose, don't use the device.

Protect your PIN

Place your hand over the keypad when entering your personal identification number in case thieves have installed a pinhole camera to record it.

Check your transactions

Carefully examine your account activity online to see whether funds have been withdrawn that you didn't authorize. You can download the CardValet App to receive instant alerts when funds are withdrawn.

Download the Card Valet App

We recommend all debit card users download the CardValet App to monitor account activity.
With CardValet you can:

  • Turn your debit card ON or OFF,

  • Set geographic controls so that your debit card can only be used within a certain mile radius of your cell phone, or at certain merchant types,

  • Receive instant alerts when your card is used or declined.

Download for iOS

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