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What makes TCT’s Visa so different from others? Let me tell you!

What makes TCT’s Visa so different from others? Let me tell you!
Authored By: TCT FCU on 7/8/2024

TCT’s Visa® Platinum Credit Card

One of the first products that made me love TCT was the Visa® credit card. In my time of using credit cards, I had never heard of one like this. So many people are out there researching to find the perfect credit card, one with low interest rates, rewards points, travel points, no annual fees, etc.

If you are already a member at TCT, you don’t have to research any further! I frequently say if you are a member at TCT over the age of 18 you should have this credit card.

What makes TCT’s Visa so different from others? Let me tell you!

Low fixed interest rates. This means that not only is your starting interest rate low, but it stays at that rate because it's fixed! Before TCT, I didn’t even know fixed interest rates on credit cards existed. I find it so comforting to know that I don’t have to worry about my rate fluctuating- so when those emergencies pop up and I need to use a credit card, I can feel confident using TCT’s visa.

Fees? This credit card has no annual fee, balance transfer fees, or cash advance fees! Do you ever get those ads that want to offer you a credit card but have to pay $75 a year to have it? In my mind, the benefits of that card don’t justify having to pay a fee simply for having the card! While on the fee subject- most places you see charge you fees or a higher rate to do a balance transfer or cash advance…at TCT not only are you not being charged those fees but you also pay a slightly reduced rate on a balance transfer or cash advance!*

Rewards points, everyone wants to get something out of their credit card, right? With TCT’s visa card, you earn 1.5 points for every $1 you spend! The site even offers specials where you can get extra points for shopping with your card at certain stores. You don’t even have to enroll initially for this- all of the cards are automatically enrolled in the rewards program. You would just have to log in to use the benefits at There is a full catalog of items you can redeem your rewards to receive, you can also search for flights, hotels, car rentals, and cruises! You can also get “cash back,” and apply rewards points directly to the card as a credit! My favorite way to use my rewards is on my other addiction- Amazon! Connect your credit card and rewards to your Amazon account and you can use your points to make purchases. This past Christmas season (the new one is coming before we know it!) I used my points to help me shop for gifts, it was so handy!

All of these benefits I shared are my favorite starting points, but there are still more reasons to love TCT’s Visa credit card! When using a credit card, I know I want convenience in accessing my card and safety as well, you can get both with this card.

TCTFCU Cards App allows you to set up your card number where you can: pay your credit card, set up alerts, set travel notices, turn the card on and off instantly, and view your balance, transactions, and payments!

In addition to making payments in the Cards app, you can also make payments directly from your TCT online banking transfer screen, in the branch, or over the phone with us, or even mail payments in if needed!

You can add your credit card to your digital wallet on your phone for easy, contactless payments.

The card also comes with zero liability protection. That means if an unauthorized charge is made on your card, you won’t be held responsible for the charge! There are two easy ways to complete the dispute- right through the credit card login, you can click dispute right next to the charge and it guides you through the process. You can also call our visa support directly if online isn’t your thing ????

I know you may be thinking, “This all sounds great, but do I really need another credit card?”

For one, when life happens and you have an emergency expense this is the card you want to have on hand. With its low fixed rate, it can give you a bit of comfort during these times.

In addition, when traveling I always like to have several forms of payment on me to be safe, one that is backed by zero liability protection and can earn rewards points sounds like a good one to have on you!

My final point is if you are carrying a balance on a different card- with no fees for a balance transfer this is a great opportunity to transfer over and start paying down that balance at a lower rate.

Alright, I’ll get off my soapbox of how much I love this credit now! If you have any additional questions on how this card works, the benefits, or rates please give one of our member service specialists a call and they will be happy to fill you in on the details! You can also learn more at

Thanks for letting me share with you, until next time!

TCT Visa Platinum Credit Card


*The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on creditworthiness. Credit restrictions apply.

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