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Teacher of the Week
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TCT recognizes the outstanding efforts of Educators in our Communities

Teachers and education professionals strengthen communities by making a difference in the lives of our children. Every week during the school year we honor local educators and school employees for their outstanding efforts thanks to your nominations. One recipient is selected each Monday morning and announced on-air. All school employees are eligible to win! If you know of a school employee who does an extraordinary job and goes above and beyond for you or your child, we want to hear about it. 

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The award includes a plaque from Adirondack School Portraits in Glens Falls, flowers from A Lasting Impression Florist in Queensbury, a gift certificate to Adirondack Winery in Lake George, gift cards from Davidson Brothers restaurant, Garcia Plastic and Hand Surgery in Glens Falls, Hair Creations Salon, and the Southern Adirondack Re-store, building homes and hope throughout our community! Plus a travel mug and coffee from Stewart’s. Teacher of the Week is sponsored by TCT Federal Credit Union and Adirondack Broadcasting.


Congratulations Teachers of the Week!
2020–2021 School Year

Week of February 22

Miss Anna Zibro, 6th-Grade Teacher at Lake George School

Miss Zibro is a new teacher for Lake George and has stepped in and done a great job with both in-class and virtual learning. She really cares, always has a smile on her face, and makes learning fun every day. Her students feel fortunate that Miss Zibro became their new teacher this year and want to thank her for all of her extra efforts.

Week of February 15

Mrs. Stacy Parker, 3rd-Grade Teacher at Salem Elementary School

Mrs. Parker is such a genuine, down-to-earth, compassionate, loving teacher. With students that are having trouble with the back and forth remote learning and in-person school, she provides them with comfort and communicates with the parents consistently. Mrs. Parker has a way of boosting students' confidence and provides them with security so they can excel. The parents and teachers in Salem appreciate what Mrs. Parker does for their school and community.

Week of February 8

Mrs. Noreen Harris, Fourth-grade Teacher at St Mary's-St Alphonsus Regional School in Glens Falls

Mrs. Harris has been teaching at St Mary's-St Alphonsus for over 35 years. Over the years, she has been well known for going above and beyond for the students. In all of her years of teaching, Mrs. Harris has made it a priority to incorporate daily lessons of morality and history to help lead her students in cultivating a promising future. Mrs. Harris wears multiple hats at St Mary's-St Alphonsus.  She is also the director of Camp Kerry, the after-school daycare program at St Mary's. Thanks to Mrs. Noreen Harris at St Mary's-St Alphonsus in Glens Falls for all of the years helping her students!

Week of February 1

Mrs. Shannon Fox, Kindergarten Teacher at the Kensington Road Elementary School in Glens Falls 

During these challenging times, Mrs. Fox makes the first-year school experience as normal as possible for her students. At this time, the kids can't enjoy typical kindergarten experiences, but Mrs. Fox has thought of great ways to make sure they continue learning and having fun. When they are forced to go viral, she makes sure the online learning is also engaging. Mrs. Fox also does an excellent job communicating with the parents of all of her students.

Week of January 25

Mrs. Kristine Geer, Music Teacher at the Ballard Road Elementary School in Wilton

Mrs. Geer goes above and beyond every school year, but has really stepped up her efforts this year. Sometimes, music is one of the only times students can just be “kids” and just sing songs. Mrs. Geer set up her classroom to allow social distancing so the students feel comfortable and she also volunteered to drop off lunches to the children in the school who needed them. Thanks again to Mrs. Kristine Geer at the Ballard Road Elementary School for all of her extra work this school year!

Week of January 18

Mr. Tim Brunson, Principal of the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School

Mr. Brunson has been an exceptional leader during the COVID-19 pandemic and can usually be seen in his office from 6 am to sometimes 9 pm. And because he believes in and loves his students, Mr. Brunson went through the graduation ceremony 8 times. Congratulations to Mr. Tim Brunson, principal of the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake High School.

Week of January 11

Mrs. Mary Beth Moran, Kindergarten Teacher at Schuylerville Elementary

In any normal school year, parents love the fun caring nature Mary Beth Moran gives to the students in her Kindergarten class, but parents this year are seeing the caring nature overflow to their homes during the pandemic.  Just before Christmas, when a student and his family needed to be quarantined Mrs. Moran was there for them.  She checked in the family and personally delivered craft supplies needed by her student to finish his Christmas gift project for Mom and Dad.  Mrs. Moran also included extra crafts and treats for the student's siblings.  She's teaching all of us how to be caring and helpful during trying times. Thank you for all that you do for your students, school, and community.

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Week of January 4

Mrs. Kari Peters, School Nurse at the Hudson Falls Middle School

Mrs. Peters has been instrumental in helping the students with care, compassion, and comfort. She has gone above and beyond to help families that have been affected by being quarantined. Mrs. Peters' has done personal errands for families and called hundreds of students to check on them daily. Mrs. Peters' caring nature is hard to find. Her school spirit is infectious and she is a positive influence and inspiration to the students and their families. Congratulations to Kari Peters for a job well done as a school nurse at the Hudson Falls Middle School! 

Week of December 21

Mrs. Danielle Kinsey, 4th-grade Teacher at the Gordon Creek Elementary School in Ballston Spa

When one of her students had to quarantine earlier this year, she made sure to drive to that student’s house to deliver supplies and directions so that they could participate in an activity that the class was doing. And this week when parents found out that learning was going fully remote, Mrs. Kinsey packed each and every student’s supplies along with holiday gifts for them and hand-delivered them to the front doors of every student in her class. Her dedication to keeping her students engaged during this crazy time is incredible. Thanks to Mrs. Danielle Kinsey at the Gordon Creek Elementary School in Ballston Spa.

Week of December 14

Mr. Andrew Jennings, Kindergarten Teacher at the Schuylerville Elementary School

This year, Mr. Jennings is actually handling both a kindergarten and first-grade class, virtually. He has amazing energy and truly keeps his students engaged and excited while teaching virtually. Mr. Jennings is patient and considerate and makes it a point to include all of his students on a personal level during his lessons. As teachers and parents know, teaching virtually is a challenging task, and Mr. Jennings’ students are not only learning but thriving and having fun at the same time. Thanks to Mr. Andrew Jennings at the Schuylerville Elementary School!

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Week of December 7

Mr. David Moynihan, 6th-grade Math Teacher at the Glens Falls Middle School

Mr. Moynihan’s students think he is the best because he takes students who have struggled in math and helps them to achieve 80’s, 90’s and 100’s on their tests. He is always friendly and treats his students like one big family. Mr. Moynihan’s students feel lucky to be in his class and their parents appreciate all of his extra efforts. Thanks to Mr. David Moynihan from the Glens Falls Middle School for all that he does.

Week of November 30

Mrs. Audrey McKernon, 3rd-grade Teacher at the Argyle Central Schools

Mrs. McKernon really gets to know her students and finds a fun way to teach different subjects. For Math, she came up with fun multiplication poems to help her students remember what they learned in class. To help her students properly distance themselves from one another, Mrs. McKernon taught them a superhero pose that has their arms stretched out and keeps the students safe. She really listens to her students and they are happy to see Mrs. Audrey McKernon at Argyle Central Schools as this week’s teacher of the week!

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Week of November 23

Mrs. Meredyth Junco, Reading Teacher at the Salem Central Schools

Mrs. Junco makes an unbelievable connection with her students. When the school first shut down last March, she met with her students often and even over the summer months to keep them reading! Mrs. Junco selects books that interest the group of students she is working with. Her communication with parents is stellar and she becomes friends with each of her student’s families. Thanks to Mrs. Meredyth Junco for all that she does for her students at the Salem Central Schools!

Week of November 16

Mrs. Bethany Carpenter, 4th-grade teacher at the Big Cross Elementary School in Glens Falls

Mrs. Carpenter went out of her way to make sure a student's transition to virtual learning was stress-free. She had the student’s supplies delivered to their home and made a quick pivot to virtual learning and made that student feel like they were still part of the class. Thanks to Bethany Carpenter, 4th-grade teacher at the Big Cross Elementary School in Glens Falls for making a difference in your community. 

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Week of November 9

Miss Kristen O’Connor, first-grade teacher at the Kensington Road Elementary School in Glens Falls

Miss O’Connor is an energetic teacher who adores who the students in her classroom. With classes split in half this year, Miss O’Connor works twice as hard to cover academics with both her morning and afternoon class. She is great with technology and helps the students, and many of their parents become more comfortable with virtual learning. Miss O’Connor is the first to donate her time, talents, money, food, and even her athleticism for any cause that is going on at school or in the community. The faculty and students at Kensington Road Elementary School are fortunate to have such a talented and caring teacher in their school.

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Week of November 2

Mrs. Sarah Boice, 3rd-grade teacher at the Fort Ann Central Schools

Mrs. Boice really stepped up her skills last school year and this year when virtual learning became a reality.  She met with her students every day and read them a new chapter in the book that her class was reading. Mrs. Boice also sets up special live meets with her students whenever they need extra help to catch up on their work. The parents of her students really appreciate all that she has done to make virtual and classroom learning much better to handle. Thanks to Mrs. Sarah Boice at the Fort Ann Central Schools!

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Week of October 26

Mrs. Rebecca Morris, 4th-grade Teacher at the Johnsburg Central School in North Creek

Mrs. Morris has gone above and beyond during this time of remote learning. She takes extra time to check in with each student to meet their individual needs and provides a welcome and fun atmosphere for the students to learn. Mrs. Morris spends a lot of her personal time thinking of new and unique ways to connect the students during this unusual time and make sure they have their best school year yet. Thank you to Mrs. Rebecca Morris at the Johnsburg Central School for all of her efforts!

Week of October 19

Miss Amber Bement formerly of the Fort Edward Union Free School District

Miss Bement taught 9th and 10th grade English last school year and did an outstanding job with her students throughout the year. When the pandemic hit and virtual learning became a reality, Miss Bement stepped up to help her students via google meet. She provided extra help to assist students to maintain their averages and extended due date deadlines for schoolwork. Thanks to Miss Amber Bement formerly of the Fort Edward Union Free School District.

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Week of October 12

Mr. Joel Gordon, Special Education Teacher at the Queensbury Middle School

Mr. Gordon has been a life-saver during the virtual learning from last school year into this year. He meets with students every day for as long as they need his support. When school is in session normally, he is always available for help and he checks in on the students to see how they are doing outside of school. Mr. Gordon knows how to make learning fun to keep his students engaged in their schoolwork. Thanks to Mr. Joel Gordon at the Queensbury Middle School for all that he does!

Week of October 5

Mrs. Alesa Wilson, Reading Teacher at the Greenwich Junior-Senior High School

Mrs. Wilson makes learning fun and meaningful for her students. Her commitment to her students became even more apparent when learning went remote. She adapted quickly and began work with her students one on one, many of whom did not have reliable internet access…so Mrs. Wilson spent a lot of time teacher over the phone. She wants her students to do their best and genuinely cares about them. Thanks for all you do…Mrs. Alesa Wilson at the Greenwich Junior-Senior High School!

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Week of September 28

Ms. Jessica Curtin, Teacher at the Sunshine Nursery School in Cambridge

Ms. Curtin has a special way of working with young kids. She makes them feel comfortable and is so caring. Ms. Curtin does a great job in taking new students under her wing and make the transition into a new learning environment so easy. Ms. Jessica Curtin is a true rock star at the Sunshine Nursery School in Cambridge. Congratulations on being Teacher of the Week!

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