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Teacher of the Week
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TCT recognizes the outstanding efforts of Educators in our Communities

Teachers and education professionals strengthen communities by making a difference in the lives of our children. Every week during the school year we honor local educators and school employees for their outstanding efforts thanks to your nominations. One recipient is selected each Monday morning and announced on-air. The award includes gift certificates to local businesses, a commemorative plaque, flowers, and a gift bag. Teacher of the Week is sponsored by TCT Federal Credit Union and Adirondack Broadcasting. All school employees are eligible to win! If you know of a school employee who does an extraordinary job and goes above and beyond for you or your child then we want to hear about it. 

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Congratulations Teachers of the Week!
2019–2020 School Year

Week of May 25

Mrs. Kate Smith, 5th-grade Teacher at the Harrison Avenue Elementary School in South Glens Falls

Mrs. Smith has gone above and beyond to make sure students have what they need and continue to communicate with parents, just to make sure everyone is doing all right during this difficult time.  Mrs. Smith is constantly emailing parents to update them on their child’s progress and she’s very prompt on returning messages.  Mrs. Smith is also a mom who is helping her own kids at home while also helping her students. Thanks to Mrs. Kate Smith at the Harrison Avenue Elementary School for all of her efforts during this extended break from school!

Week of May 18

Mr. Girard Marcino, Physics Teacher at the South Glens Falls High School

Mr. Marcino has taught at south high for over 20 years and is retiring this year. He not only teaches physics, but he does a great job preparing his students for college and the real world! Mr. Marcino has been known to come in on Saturdays each year to help students study for their A-P and Regents exams and staying late on weekdays to help students after sports. A few years ago, South High students were asked to nominate a teacher to speak at graduation and Mr. Marcino was the first pick and gave a memorable life lesson as his address. South High will be losing a legend when Mr. Marcino retires this year and students thank him for all of his efforts through the years!

Week of May 11

Mr. Michael Kocher, Special Education Teacher at the Warrensburg Elementary School

Like all teachers now, Mr. Kocher is now doing everything online…and he not only holds his own math, E-L-A, and social studies classes…but he also jumps on with the other social studies and stem classes and posts his own notes to better help the students. He keeps in constant contact with parents and is always asking the kids what they are doing to stay learning. Mr. Kocher is always encouraging and his efforts during this extended school break mean a lot to his students. Thanks again to Mr. Michael Kocher at the Warrensburg Elementary School!

Week of May 4

Mrs. Jenee Culligan, Reading Teacher at Harrison Avenue Elementary School in South Glens Falls

Through this extended school break, Mrs. Culligan is teaching regular classes via the internet several times a week and her lessons are pretty amazing! She has props and uses the technology to review charts, watch clips, and share books and has her kids reading! Mrs. Culligan also does one-on-one google meets to see how her students are doing individually. She is also an expert at finding the funding for different school projects including school garden supplies, many different book projects, and clothing for kids in need.  Thanks to Mrs. Jenee Culligan at Harrison Avenue Elementary School for all that she does!

Week of April 27

Mrs. Kristina Trombley, Director at the Small Tales Daycare Center in Warrensburg

Mrs. Trombley is there for every single one of her students, families, and staff members during this difficult time. She is going above and beyond to make sure everyone is happy, healthy, and stress-free! Mrs. Trombley has made a point to get to know all of the students and their families on a more personal level and is always there for a conversation or extra hug goodbye. Thanks to Mrs. Trombley and the entire staff at Small Tales Daycare for doing an amazing job during this troubled time.

Week of April 20

Mr. Bob Wilcox, Bus Driver at the Salem Central Schools

Mr. Wilcox does so much more than safely transport students to school, his pleasant interactions and caring nature are appreciated by students and parents. During Christmas season, you can find him dressed as one of Santa’s helpers at many community fundraisers. And right now during these challenging times, Mr. Wilcox is one of many bus drivers proud to deliver food to the families of the Salem area. Mr. Bob Wilcox is a big part of the Salem Central Schools community and we thank him for all of his efforts! 

Week of April 13

Mr. Eric Bott, Math Teacher at the North Warren Central Schools

Mr. Bott is an outstanding teacher in normal times, but during this long school break, he has stepped up his game! Like many teachers now, Mr. Bott has been re-doing his lesson plans and ensuring all of his students are able to get their lessons. He has been interacting with students via web conferences and individually over the phone. Mr. Bott is making certain that his students are still receiving the best education possible and still trying to make math fun under these unfortunate circumstances. Thanks to Mr. Eric Bott of North Warren Central Schools for all that he is doing!

Week of April 6

Mrs. Jill Diamond, Kindergarten Teacher at the Big Cross Elementary School in Glens Falls

During this unexpected school break, Mrs. Diamond sent all of her students a video of herself singing her morning “hello and how are you” song, which put a big smile on their faces. She has also coordinated several class video conference calls allowing the students to say hello to each other. Mrs. Diamond has provided access to several online learning tools, which are really helpful.  Parents appreciate her efforts and this glimpse into the learning that typically takes place in the classroom. Thanks again to Mrs. Jill Diamond from the Big Cross Elementary School in Glens Falls.

Week of March 30

Mrs. Darcie Sitterly, Kindergarten Teacher at the Milton Terrace Elementary School in Ballston Spa

Mrs. Sitterly puts her whole heart into teaching and now that school is on an extended break, she shines even more! During this hectic time, she is still keeping in touch and teaching the children and sending fun ideas to keep her students motivated. Mrs. Sitterly truly cares about her students, their families, and the community.  She looks forward to the day when they can all get back into the classroom together. Thanks to Mrs. Darcie Sitterly from the Milton Terrace Elementary School in Ballston Spa!

Week of March 23

Ms. Emily Gugliotta, 3rd-grade Teacher at the Jackson Heights Elementary School in Glens Falls

Since the schools have been closed, Ms. Gugliotta took time out of her day to not just send a message…but to place a personal phone call to all of her students the let them know she is there for them. She calmed a lot of fears and anxiety with both her students and their parents.  She is making sure all of her students are able to learn and continue their education during this troubling time. Thanks to Ms. Emily Gugliotta for all that she is doing for her students at the Jackson Heights Elementary School.

Week of March 16

Mrs. Brianna Steele, 8th grade Spanish Teacher at the Hudson Falls Middle School

Congratulations to Mrs. Brianna Steele, 8th grade Spanish Teacher at the Hudson Falls Middle School. Mrs. Steele enjoys giving students the chance to learn a new language in an encouraging environment. One thing that makes Mrs. Steele stand out as a teacher is her ability to teach students something as difficult to understand as a new language and she does while getting to know each individual student. She assigns work that is fun but helps students learn at the same time. Thanks again to Mrs. Brianna Steele for all that she does at the Hudson Falls Middle School.

Week of March 9

Mrs. Tiffany McGrath, Second Grade Teacher at the Kensington Road Elementary School in Glens Falls

Mrs. McGrath teaches with kindness and compassion and instills a love of learning in all of her students. She is always eager to help her students both inside the classroom and out. Mrs. McGrath always has a smile on her face and you can really tell she loves her job and students very much. She empowers her students and holds them accountable and that makes for better learners! Thanks again to Mrs. Tiffany McGrath for all she does at the Kensington Road Elementary School!

Week of March 2

Miss Janell Egloff, Kindergarten Teacher at the Bolton Landing Central Schools

Miss Egloff goes above and beyond for each and every student with lots of patience and creativity. She also coaches school sports and her athletes learn about sportsmanship and becoming good teammates. Miss Egloff also devotes time to host bake sales and coin drops to raise money for student endeavors. Thanks to Miss Janell Egloff for all she does to help students at the Bolton Landing Central Schools!

Week of February 24

Mrs. Cami Samuelson, Math Teacher at the Hudson Falls Middle School

Mrs. Samuelson is a kind and caring teacher and her students appreciate that she provides them many opportunities to work on improving their grades. She offers them help during their study halls and allows students to retake tests when possible. Mrs. Samuelson finds a way to help each of her students understand algebra and comes up with fun ways to help them remember the work. Thanks to Mrs. Cami Samuelson at the Hudson Falls Middle School for all that she does!

Week of February 17

Mrs. Jane Levy, Special Education Teacher at the Tesago Elementary School in Clifton Park

Mrs. Levy is an incredible advocate and support for the students she works with.  She manages parent concerns with kindness and patience. Mrs. Levy works extra hard to send home materials that are personalized to the needs of each individual child. In addition, she genuinely shares her concerns and expectations all the while conveying warmth and acceptance for the children she is teaching. Parents are comforted in knowing there are educators like Mrs. Jane Levy there to help their kids.

Week of February 10

Mrs. Rachel French, Language Teacher at the Oliver W. Winch Middle School in South Glens Falls

In addition to teaching students how to speak a second language, Mrs. French serves as an instructional team leader and advisor for both the international club and student council at Oliver W. Winch. She also organizes an Adopt-A-Family Program through the Student Council around the holidays and each spring Mrs. French organizes an overnight trip for students to Montreal. And if a student often sits alone at lunch, Mrs. French invites them to join her “lunch bunch” group where students can join her for lunch.  Thanks to Mrs. Rachel French for all that she does for her students in South Glens Falls! View Photo

Week of February 3

Ms. Yvonne Anderson, Math Teacher at the Glens Falls High School

Ms. Anderson is very good at making math fun and helping her students understand math better. She makes herself available to students both before and after school, should they need extra help. Ms. Anderson is also there for any student who becomes overwhelmed and just needs a safe spot to regroup. Many of her students really appreciate all that she does. Again congratulations to Ms. Yvonne Anderson at the Glens Falls High School! View Photo

Week of January 28

Professor Chuck Harrington, Technology Professor at SUNY Adirondack in Queensbury

Professor Harrington teaches computer science at SUNY Adirondack and is excellent at making complicated courses more simple and easier to understand. He is always early to classes, dedicated to his job, loves what he does and makes connections with each and every one of his students.  Professor Harrington is always in a good mood and does his best to help his students succeed. Thanks again to Chuck Harrington at SUNY Adirondack for all of his efforts! View Photo

Week of January 21

Mrs. Kristen Jeskie, First-grade Teacher at the Cambridge Elementary School

Mrs. Jeskie truly treats her students as individuals, modeling kindness and fairness in the classroom. She often points out their growth and rewards them with positive reinforcement with specially themed parties. Mrs. Jeskie not only teaches her students, but she also lifts their spirits every day. Parents appreciate that their children are not only learning the class curriculum but also receiving positive review and follow up. Thanks to Mrs. Kristen Jeskie at Cambridge Elementary School for all that she does.

Week of January 13

Mrs. Kellie Pritchett, Math Teacher at Argyle High School

Mrs. Pritchett is committed to her students and their path to success. She supports her students during regular class hours and also holds morning, lunchtime and after school review sessions for students. In addition to her classroom efforts, Mrs. Pritchett is part of the site team, a building representative, class advisor, and a teacher mentor. Thanks to all that Mrs. Pritchett does to improve student life and learning at Argyle High School. View Photo

Week of January 6

Mrs. Gina Pidgeon of the Hadley Luzerne Central School District

Mrs. Pidgeon is a Teacher’s Aide in Mrs. Bouton’s 2nd-Grade Class at the Stewart M. Townsend Elementary School. She goes out of her way to make every student feel special, taking the extra time to connect with them and allowing them to share their stories. Mrs. Pidgeon has formed special bonds with so many of her students and for example, she recently made a card for a student who lost a family pet. For all of her efforts, thanks to Mrs. Gina Pidgeon at the Stewart M. Townsend Elementary School in Lake Luzerne. View Photo

Week of December 30

Mr. Michael Tracy, Music Teacher at the Schroon Lake Central Schools

Since Mr. Tracy joined the staff at Schroon Lake, band participation has doubled! He has made it cool for students to participate in band and the level of music they perform is remarkable. From students in fourth grade to graduating seniors, Mr. Tracy has developed a relationship with the students and instilled a love of performing music in them. Thanks to Mr. Michael Tracy for all that he does at the Schroon Lake Central Schools.

Week of December 23

Mrs. Jennifer Catallo, 2nd Grade Teacher at the Tesago Elementary School in Clifton Park

Mrs. Catallo makes learning fun for her students and calls her class the Catallo Crew. She keeps her students interested and engaged by her lively and energetic vibe. Mrs. Catallo embraces and models a growth mindset for her students and their parents by sharing her goals and challenging her students to set their own goals. The parents see the positive results in their children. Thanks to Mrs. Jennifer Catallo at the Tesago Elementary School in Clifton Park!

Week of December 16

Mr. Jeff Crotty, 5th-grade Teacher at the Lake George Elementary School

Recently, Mr. Crotty wanted his class to do a special project, and he helped his students to organize times where they helped to ring bells for the salvation army. They put together shifts for the students to help and rang bells for the over three hours. Mr. Crotty is teaching his students lessons that go far beyond the classroom and his students appreciate all of his efforts. Thanks again to Mr. Jeff Crotty at the Lake George Elementary School for all that he does! View Photo

Week of December 9

Mrs. Robin Rose-Jenkins, Speech-Language Teacher at Jackson Heights Elementary School in Glens Falls

After over 35 years as a dedicated speech teacher, Mrs. Rose-Jenkins is retiring at the end of this year. Throughout her career, she has helped countless students and has always strived to learn new, innovative and effective ways to meet the needs of her students. Mrs. Rose-Jenkins’ warm and energetic demeanor has made Robin a loved staff member throughout her long career in the Glens Falls School District. She has had a tremendous impact on the lives of her students and many still remember her 30 years later!  Thanks again to Mrs. Robin Rose-Jenkins from the Jackson Heights Elementary School! View Photo

Week of December 2

Mr. Lance Paradis, 8th grade Social Studies Teacher at Corinth Middle School

Mr. Paradis has a great passion and enthusiasm for teaching and his students feed off his energy! He is a great role model and his love for teaching shows in everything he does. Mr. Paradis coaches the Modified Soccer, J.V. Girls Basketball and the Modified Baseball Teams at Corinth.  And recently he helped to raise over 1,500 pounds of food and hygiene items to benefit the Corinth Food Pantry. Thanks to Mr. Lance Paradis from Corinth Central School for all that he does! View Photo

Week of November 25

Mr. Tyler Carpenter, 6th Grade Teacher at the Oliver W. Winch Middle School in South Glens Falls

Mr. Carpenter goes above and beyond and is excellent at creating a positive atmosphere in his classroom where his students want to learn. He is also a Basketball Coach and many times after school Mr. Carpenter will reserve the gymnasium, so students will have a place to go and have some fun. Thanks again to Mr. Tyler Carpenter from the Oliver W. Winch Middle School for all that he does to help his students! View Photo

Week of November 18

Mrs. Kellie Girling, Principal at the King’s School in Lake Luzerne

As Principal of a smaller school, Mrs. Girling is able to make a personal connection with each one of the students every day. She is an educator as well as a principal and carries both roles with integrity and professionalism. Mrs. Girling’s goal is to prepare tomorrow’s leaders today so that the next generation of leaders in business and family are well equipped for life. Mrs. Kellie Girling is a positive asset to the faculty, staff, and students at the Kings School in Lake Luzerne. View Photo

Week of November 11

Mr. James Marsfelder, English Teacher at the Granville Junior-Senior High School

Mr. Marsfelder makes himself always available to support his students. His efforts as the head of the drama club are really appreciated and he is respected among the high school students and his colleagues. And being a Veteran, timing is perfect for Mr. James Marsfelder to be our teacher of the week for this Veterans Day week. View Photo

Week of November 4

Mrs. Bonnie Smith, Pre-K Teacher at St. Mary’s-St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School in Glens Falls

Mrs. Smith is the kindest and most caring teacher. She not only teaches her 3-year olds, their letters and numbers, but most importantly she teaches them to love learning and provides them a great foundation for the future. Mrs. Smith shows her students how to be compassionate, and also a great friend!  For all that she does, Mrs. Bonnie Smith at St. Mary’s-St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School is this week’s teacher of the week! View Photo

Week of October 28

Mrs. Audrey McKernon, 3rd-Grade Teacher at Argyle Elementary School

Mrs. McKernon encourages her students to use their “super-powers” each day and has her entire room decorated and dedicated to superheroes. She is an excellent teacher and even former students stop by her classroom just for a hug. Mrs. McKernon holds a special “lunch bunch” in her classroom for the students who earn it with good grades and effort. For all her dedication to the Argyle Central Schools, Mrs. Audrey McKernon is this week’s teacher of the week! View Photo

Week of October 21

Mrs. Ann Chagnon, Transportation Supervisor for the Queensbury School District

Ann is at the office every school morning by 5:30 and is responsible for all the school bus drivers and substitute drivers in the district. She greets each driver by name with a smile every morning and she is a constant presence at the loading and unloading of the students to ensure everyone is safe. Ann is also responsible for training prospective school bus drivers which keeps her very busy. Thanks again to Mrs. Ann Chagnon for all that she does for the students and staff at the Queensbury School District! View Photo

Week of October 14

Mrs. Kirsten Boman, Educator at the Prospect Center for Disability Services in Queensbury

What makes Mrs. Boman a good educator is that she’s always assisting the students in and out of special equipment all day…making the academic work fun and entertaining…and staying so upbeat and positive. Her students have high mobility needs and they require highly structured environments, which she gives every day. Thanks to Mrs. Kirsten Boman from the Center for Disability Services in Queensbury for all that she does!

Week of October 7

Ms. Jessica Hoffman, English Teacher at Greenwich High School

Ms. Hoffman consistently delivers innovative and relevant lessons to her students with passion and enthusiasm. She also was recruited by her students to be the volunteer advisor for the gender equality club. That club held an art auction back in March that raised money for local charities. Thanks to Ms. Jessica Hoffman for all she does to support her students at Greenwich High School! View Photo

Week of September 30

Mr. Andrew Capone, Health Teacher…Phys Ed Teacher and Athletic Director at Hartford Central Schools

Mr. Capone inspires the students through his actions and emphasizes that to obtain their goals, they are ultimately responsible for the path that leads to success. He always has an open-door policy allowing his students to reach out to him at any time and with his duties as a Health Teacher, Phys Ed Teacher, and Athletic Director…Mr. Capone is an important part of the Hartford Central School family. Thanks to Mr. Andrew Capone for all that he does! View Photo

Week of September 23

Dr. Kathleen Chaucer, Principal at Milton Terrace Elementary School in Ballston Spa

Recently, at the beginning of a new school year, Dr. Chaucer learned there was a new kindergarten student coming to Milton Terrace with medical issues and special needs. Because of all the issues a transition into a new school can have, she set up a private meeting to introduce that student and his mother to his new teachers and provided a tour of the school. Dr. Chaucer set it up that two teachers from his old school rode with him on the bus to Milton Terrace on the first day of school. Thanks to Dr. Kathleen Chaucer for all she does for her students at the Milton Terrace Elementary School in Ballston Spa! View Photo

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