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Teacher of the Week
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TCT recognizes the outstanding efforts of Educators in our Communities

Teachers and education professionals strengthen communities by making a difference in the lives of our children. Every week during the school year we honor local educators and school employees for their outstanding efforts thanks to your nominations. One recipient is selected each Monday morning and announced on-air. The award includes gift certificates to local businesses, a commemorative plaque, flowers, and a gift bag. Teacher of the Week is sponsored by TCT Federal Credit Union and Adirondack Broadcasting. All school employees are eligible to win! If you know of a school employee who does an extraordinary job and goes above and beyond for you or your child then we want to hear about it. 

Nominate a special school employee by emailing:


Congratulations Teachers of the Week!
2018–2019 School Year

Week of June 10

Mrs. Donna Bates, English Teacher at the Glens Falls High School

Mrs. Bates does so much for both the high school and her students. Not only does she teach English, but she is also the advisor for both Mock Trial and the school newspaper; the Indian Insider. Mrs. Bates helps her students write articles and compliments them on their writing. Without her guidance, it is hard to imagine having a school newspaper. She is always available to talk with her students both inside the classroom and out and they would like to thank Mrs. Donna Bates for all that she does at Glens Falls High School. 

Week of June 3

Mr. Ronald Gordon, Apprentice Training Instructor at U.A. Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 773 in Glens Falls

Mr. Gordon has been an instructor for the past 42 years.  He gives his time to educate men and women, both young and old, and provide them with the skills they would need for a lifetime of employment in the plumbing industry. Mr. Gordon believes a good attitude is a person’s most useful tool in the profession and without his efforts, the apprentice training program in Glens Falls would not be where it is today. Thanks again to Mr. Ronald Gordon for all of his efforts!

Week of May 27

Mrs. Kristen Bogdan, 1st Grade Teacher at the Hudson Falls Primary School

Mrs. Bogdan puts an unbelievable amount of effort into ensuring that her students succeed. Not only are her lessons interesting and engaging, but she provides them with plenty of opportunities to practice the skills obtained during these lessons. Mrs. Bogdan helps to teach her students appropriate social and communication skills that will be important as they continue their education. Thanks to Mrs. Kristen Bogdan at the Hudson Falls Primary School for all that she does!

Week of May 20

Ms. Stacy Cooper, 4th Grade Teacher at the North Warren Elementary School

Recently Ms. Cooper had a student who’s dad passed away and she was super supportive for him. She explained that she too lost her dad at a young age and always takes the time to spend with this student. Ms. Cooper is a great roll-model to all of her students and is there to give them that extra push they need to be successful in school. Thanks to Ms. Stacy Cooper at the North Warren Elementary School for helping one of her students get through a tough time and being such a special teacher!

Week of May 13

Mrs. Linda Brennan-Pagano, Special Education Teacher at the Shenendehowa High School

Over the past 12 years, Mrs. Brennan-Pagano has provided instruction to students as an English and Resource Teacher, Case Manager, Tutor and Homework Club Advisor. She has individualized instruction to inspire her students to love literature. She has made such a personal impact with her students, that they often reach out to her after graduation from high school. Mrs. Brennan-Pagano is also a member of the Shenendehowa Instructional Support Team and often helps to cover classes which her co-workers appreciate.  Thanks again to Mrs. Linda Brennan-Pagano for all that she does.

Week of May 6

Mr. Benjamin Grieco, Innovations Teacher at the Queensbury High School

Mr. Grieco believes in his students and opens his classroom for many hours to allow them to build, design and develop their ideas. He is the coach of the Queensbury Robotics Team, which has been very successful in recent years. Recently, Mr. Grieco gave up his spring break to spend it with the Queensbury Robotics Team at the World Championship in Kentucky. Thanks to Mr. Grieco for being supportive of his students who love innovation, technology, and robotics. View Photo

Week of April 29

Mr. Francis DeLuke, Special Education Teacher at the Shenendehowa High School

Mr. DeLuke is new to the Shen school district, but he is already making an impact and a difference with his students and the community. His fun, out-of-the-box approach to education really reaches his students. Mr. DeLuke strives to make sure every student feels included and comfortable with participating in the classroom. Thanks to Mr. Francis DeLuke at the Shenendehowa High School for all he does! View Photo

Week of April 23

Mr. Christopher Shinski, U.S. History Teacher at the Argyle High School

Mr. Shinski leads his lesson plans every day with enthusiasm and a great sense of humor. He uses fun methods to teach such as pop culture references to help his students remember history concepts and he always keeps his lessons interesting. Mr. Shinski is also involved with the Argyle High School Yearbook Club, tutoring and coaches Cross Country.  Thanks to Mr. Christopher Shinski for all he does at Argyle High School! View Photo

Week of April 15

Mr. John Burns, Science Teacher at the Warrensburg High School

Mr. Burns does so much for the entire school. In addition to being a great Science Teacher, Mr. Burns is in charge of the recycling program. He collects bottles and cans from every classroom, counts them up and turns them in and those dollars are used to pay for field trips. Mr. Burns also collects all of the discarded paper for each room and they are measured, tallied and dumped into recycling bins outside school. Thanks to Mr. John Burns for all of his extra efforts at Warrensburg High School. View Photo

Week of April 8

Mrs. Kristina Guernsey, Art Teacher at the Ballston Spa Middle School

Mrs. Guernsey spends time getting to know each of her students and gives them time for creativity. She always stays after school for students to drop in her classroom and they often do. Mrs. Guernsey doesn’t expect each student to be Picasso, but she pushes them to learn through fun and creative projects. And she also provides her students with a positive role model and some gentle guidance. Thanks to Mrs. Kristina Guernsey at the Ballston Spa Middle School. View Photo

Week of April 1

Ms. Julianna Luciano, 8th grade Social Studies Teacher at the Greenwich Jr./Sr. High School

Ms. Luciano teaches a highly interactive social studies class. She makes her students think deeply in a fun way. Ms. Luciano always makes sure she has time for her students and brings a positive attitude to her class every day. Ms. Luciano is filling in for another teacher currently on maternity leave, but her students are hopeful that one day she will be working at Greenwich Central Schools permanently. Thanks to Ms. Julianna Luciano for all that she does! View Photo

Week of March 25

Ms. Margaret Hickey, French Teacher at the Hudson Falls High School

Ms. Hickey has created a welcoming atmosphere in her classroom where her students can shut out all of their other problems and just learn. She makes her students feel like they are her number one priority and works hard to help them be successful in class. If Ms. Hickey feels like her students are going to have trouble with an upcoming test, she will huddle them around the board and give them a mini-lesson so that they understand the material better. Learning a different language is tough, but thanks to Ms. Margaret Hickey at the Hudson Falls High School, her students are learning quickly! View Photo

Week of March 18

Mrs. Phyllis Cleveland, Special Education Teacher at Fort Ann High School

Mrs. Cleveland does a great job to prepare her students for life after school. She has also come up with some successful fundraising projects at Fort Ann. Her students sold homemade cookies in a jar and used that money to buy blankets and comfort items for veterans at the Veterans’ Hospital in Albany. The class took a road trip to deliver the items and her students enjoyed the company of the veterans they met. Thanks to Mrs. Phyllis Cleveland for all that she does at the Fort Ann High School. View Photo

Week of March 11

Mr. Nick Henderson, 4th Grade Teacher at the William H. Barton Intermediate School in Queensbury

Mr. Henderson has gone above and beyond this school year for a student with a serious illness. He made a promise to this student to make this school year one he would never forget. Mr. Henderson has done many trips to help raise money for the student along with letting the kids have lunch in the classroom with him and making a pancake breakfast once a week. This has been a special school year thanks to the efforts of Mr. Henderson at the William H. Barton Intermediate School! View Photo

Week of March 4

Miss Kelly Buckley, 5th-grade Teacher at the Lake George Elementary School

Miss Buckley is always making fun games for her students to play. A game she calls “math minute mania” before math class is an example of many ways that she makes learning fun. Miss Buckley allows her students to stay after school if they need additional help on a subject and truly dedicates herself to the education of her students. Thanks to Miss Kelly Buckley at Lake George Elementary School for all that she does! View Photo

Week of February 25

Mrs. Hannah Jenkins, 1st-Grade Teacher at the Big Cross Elementary School in Glens Falls

Mrs. Jenkins is exceptional when it comes to her students and their parents.  Her communication with parents is appreciated and the key to helping a child get the best education when information is flowing smoothly from school into the home.  Mrs. Jenkins is not only educating her students with the school curriculum, but she does it with so much kindness.  Thanks to Mrs. Hannah Jenkins at the Big Cross Elementary School for all that she does!

Week of February 18

Ms. Lynn Lewis, Physical Education Teacher at the North Warren Elementary School

In addition to teaching, Ms. Lewis also coaches Varsity Field Hockey and Modified Basketball at North Warren. She devotes her time doing everything she can to support her students both in and out of her classroom. Ms. Lewis can be found chaperoning dances or other fundraising events at the school as well as setting up and running the concession stand at the girls and boys basketball games.  Thanks to Ms. Lynn Lewis for all she does at the North Warren Schools! View Photo

Week of February 11

Mr. Richard Zwirn, Guidance Counselor at Greenwich High School

Mr. Zwirn attempts to create personal contact with his students as often as possible and goes out of his way to offer praise for “catching them doing the right thing”. His warm presence in the hallways of Greenwich High School doesn’t go unnoticed by students and other faculty members. Mr. Zwirn is a person who steps back and lets his students shine and is extremely helpful in shaping their after-high-school plans. Thanks to Mr. Zwirn, Guidance Counselor at Greenwich High School. View Photo

Week of February 4

Mrs. Bonnie Hart, Math Teacher at Lake George Junior-Senior High School.

Mrs. Hart gives her all every day in the classroom for her students. She often spends her evenings doing online tutoring and providing extra math help for her students. Mrs. Hart always makes herself available to her students and their parents. In addition to teaching Math, Mrs. Hart also coaches volleyball at Lake George. Thanks to Mrs. Bonnie Hart for all she does for her students and athletes! View Photo

Week of January 28

Mrs. Jennifer O’Brien, Guidance Counselor at the Stillwater High School

Recently, Mrs. O’Brien helped to organize a group of 2018 Stillwater graduates to come back to the high school to speak with current juniors and seniors about their college experiences so far. The college freshman touched on everything from making new friends and their different food choices, to extracurricular activities at their colleges. And current Stillwater students had the opportunity to ask questions. Thanks to Mrs. O’Brien, many Stillwater grads make a smooth transition from high school to college.  View Photo

Week of January 21

Ms. Sarah Cuddihy, Middle School Math Teacher at Cambridge Central School

Ms. Cuddihy is a Cambridge High School graduate that came back to her hometown to give back to the community and teach. She especially provides extra attention to her students who struggle with math. She will stay late to help them and communicate with their parents to provide them with updates on the student’s progress. Ms. Cuddihy also sends cards to her students and you’ll see her at local events and games to support her students. Thanks to Ms. Sarah Cuddihy at Cambridge Central School for all that she does for her students! View Photo

Week of January 14

Mr. Patrick Murphy, 6th grade Science & Math Teacher at the Glens Falls Middle School

Mr. Murphy has a way of teaching two difficult subjects that makes it easier for his students to understand. He realizes that every student is different and finds a way to help them understand the material being taught and how to retain that information. Mr. Murphy is one of the kindest and most caring teachers, and for all of his efforts, his students are proud that he is this week’s teacher of the week.  Thanks again to Mr. Patrick Murphy from the Glens Falls Middle School. View Photo

Week of January 7

Mrs. Elizabeth Chiverton, 8th grade ELA Teacher at the Granville Jr.-Sr. High School

Mrs. Chiverton goes out of her way each day to make learning interesting and exciting for her students. She takes the extra time to make sure every one of her students understands the material being taught each day. And her students always appreciate how Mrs. Chiverton is there if they need someone to talk to. Thanks to Mrs. Elizabeth Chiverton at the Granville Jr.-Sr. High School for all that she does! View Photo

Week of December 31

Mrs. Jennifer Wagner, Kindergarten Teacher at the Cambridge Central Schools

Mrs. Wagner always has a way to make her students smile and knows exactly what to do the cheer them up. From dressing up for Halloween to dancing in the halls, she is always smiling and bringing the energy to her students, so they can have fun adventures learning every day. Mrs. Wagner works to make a difference in her students’ lives, and her students and their parents appreciate all that she does! Thanks to Mrs. Jennifer Wagner at the Cambridge Central Schools. View Photo

Week of December 24

Mrs. Dawn Parker, Chemistry and Science Teacher at the Salem Jr.-Sr. High School

Mrs. Parker is one of the most genuine and caring teachers that her students have ever known. She stays after school almost every day to help students with their science and chemistry work. Mrs. Parker deeply cares for the well-being of her students and is always there to support them. Thanks to Mrs. Dawn Parker for all she does for her students at the Salem Jr.-Sr. High School! View Photo

Week of December 17

Mrs. Kelly Smith, 6th-grade Teacher at the Oliver W. Winch Middle School in South Glens Falls

Mrs. Smith teaches both science and social studies and takes learning to a whole other level. She lets her students do hands-on activities in science and always comes up with new teaching techniques to keep them engaged. Every day Mrs. Smith greets her students one by one and always has a positive attitude. Thanks to Mrs. Kelly Smith at the Oliver W. Winch Middle School for all that she does! View Photo

Week of December 10

Mr. Joe Hart, Physical Education Teacher at the Hudson Falls High School

Mr. Hart supports all of his students and shows them how to respect each other. When one of his students needs individual help, he stops everything he is doing to help them. Mr. Hart is also the Swim and Track Coach at Hudson Falls High School and serves in the Air National Guard. His students really appreciate the relationships he creates with each of them. Thanks to Coach Hart for all he does and thanks for his service. View Photo

Week of December 3

Mrs. Amanda Mohr, Third-grade Teacher at the Tanglewood Elementary School in South Glens Falls

Mrs. Mohr makes each child feel special and makes them want to be the best they can be. She helps her students feel smart and helps problem solve, so they can become the best independent students they can be. The parents of Mrs. Mohr’s students appreciate that she creates a positive atmosphere for learning and that their children look forward to going to school each day.  Thanks to Mrs. Amanda Mohr at the Tanglewood Elementary School! View Photo

Week of November 26

Mr. Michael Craner, Music Teacher at Schuylerville High School

Mr. Craner is excellent at getting students excited about learning how to play and understand music. He always encourages his students to work hard and become the best musicians they can be. Mr. Craner head’s up the Schuylerville High School Jazz Ensemble and both his students and their parents appreciate all of his extra efforts! This week’s teacher of the week is Mr. Michael Craner at the Schuylerville High School. 

Week of November 19

Mr. Jim Farrell, Crossing Guard at the Jackson Heights Elementary School in Glens Falls

Mr. Farrell, who is known as Mr. Jim, may not be an actual teacher…but he teaches both the students and the staff about kindness every day. He influences the school climate in such a positive way. Mr. Jim can be seen daily with a smile, a wave, and words of encouragement to both students and faculty. On Halloween he decorated the school entrance with balloons and on Mother’s Day he gave the staff and the moms of the students, flowers and acknowledged the work they do for the kids. Mr. Jim Farrell has become a big part of the Jackson Heights Elementary School family! View Photo

Week of November 12

Mr. David Morse, Health and Physical Education Teacher, and Coach at Fort Ann Central School

Mr. Morse does everything he can to support students both in and out of the classroom and frequently attends his student’s sporting events, concerts, and plays. Recently Mr. Morse started a fundraiser for one of his students who is battling a serious illness.  He also is pledging to shave his head to raise money for childhood cancer through St. Baldricks. Many thanks to Mr. David Morse for all that he does at the Fort Ann Central School! View Photo

Week of November 5

Ms. Peggy Clohessy, Art Teacher at the St. Mary’s-St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School

Ms. Clohessy is the best art teacher and she works with students in all grades from Kindergarten to 8th grade. She makes art fun yet challenging for those students who enjoy being creative. If students make a mistake, Ms. Clohessy always knows how to fix it. She knows how to keep all of her students enjoying her class. Congratulations to Ms. Peggy Clohessy, Art Teacher at St. Mary’s-St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School in Glens Falls. View Photo

Week of October 29

Mr. Robert Dean, Special Education Teacher at the Queensbury High School

Mr. Dean goes out of his way for his students, teaching them valuable life skills that they can use every day. He establishes a relationship with every individual student and gives them the time and attention they need to understand the material being taught in the classroom. Mr. Dean’s students think he is a phenomenal teacher and are excited to have him named Teacher of the Week. Thanks to Mr. Robert Dean at the Queensbury High School!

Week of October 22

Ms. Caitlan Weaver - 7th Grade Math Teacher at the Warrensburg Junior-Senior High School

Students love Ms. Weaver because she always has a smile on her face, no matter what. She works hard to help her students succeed and will help them in any way.  Teaching Math to 7th-graders can be tough at times, but Ms. Weaver never gives up helping every student reach their full potential. And she does it every day with a positive attitude. Thanks to Ms. Caitlan weaver at the Warrensburg Junior-Senior High School! View Photo

Week of October 15

Mrs. Heather Gadway - Kindergarten Teacher at the Mary J. Tanner Elementary School in Granville

Mrs. Gadway makes learning fun for her students and helps to make the transition into their first year of school easy for them and their parents. She goes out of her way to help with school events, even if her students aren’t involved. Mrs. Gadway makes sure no student is left out of classroom activities and takes the time to really listen to them. Thanks to Mrs. Heather Gadway at the Mary J. Tanner Elementary School! View Photo

Week of October 9

Mrs. Cherilyn Dempsey - 7th Grade Science Teacher at Oliver W. Winch Middle School

Congratulations to Mrs. Cherilyn Dempsey, 7th grade Science Teacher at the Oliver W. Winch Middle School in South Glens Falls. Every day Mrs. Dempsey opens her classroom during lunch for all students so they have a quiet place to catch up on work or read. She is also the Memory Book Advisor, Conservation Club Advisor, and the Student Council Advisor. Mrs. Dempsey often attends her students’ dance recitals, plays, and sporting events. Students truly enjoy her teaching style and how much she cares about them not only as a student but as an individual. Thanks to Mrs. Cherilyn Dempsey at the Oliver W. Winch Middle School in South Glens Falls. View Photo

Week of October 1

Mr. Josh Gifford- Special Education Teacher at North Warren Central School

Mr. Gifford helps to make learning fun for his students, and parents appreciate the fact that their kids look forward to school because of his efforts. He also coaches modified basketball, varsity golf and Mr. Gifford supervises the Outing Club. His energy and teaching skills make Mr. Josh Gifford a valuable part of the team at North Warren Central School. View Photo

Week of September 24

Mrs. Melinda Mellon - Business Teacher at Shenendehowa High School

Mrs. Mellon prepares students to be financially literate and ready for life after high school. She is also the Co-Advisor for the Future Business Leaders of America and DECA Clubs which are business related extracurricular clubs. Mrs. Mellon’s classes participate annually in a national financial literacy exam and have consistently scored so well, they received a “Blue Star” designation by the Wise Financial Literacy Certification. Our Teacher of the Week this week is Mrs. Melinda Mellon at the Shenendehowa High School! View Photo

Week of September 17

Mrs. Laura Uhly - Health Teacher at Warrensburg Junior/Senior High School

Mrs. Uhly is an amazing teacher and a wonderful person. She is the advisor for the Warrensburg students against destructive decisions chapter. Mrs. Uhly organizes events for the students above all of her school work.  She is extremely caring and her students are excited about having Mrs. Laura Uhly as this week’s Teacher of the Week. View Photo

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