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Teacher of the Week
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Nominate a Special School Employee

Every week during the school year we honor local educators and school employees for their outstanding efforts based on your nominations. We deliver a special plaque and prizes to each winner during the school year. Teachers, classroom aides, assistants, administration staff, janitors, nurses, bus drivers — all school employees are eligible to win!

If you know of a school employee who does an extraordinary job and goes above and beyond for you or your child then we want to hear about it. 

Email your nominations to


2017 – 2018 School Year Awarded Teachers


April 9 — Ms. Meghan Bristol, Art Teacher at the Oliver W. Winch Middle School in South Glens Falls

Ms. Bristol is loved by her students for all the help she gives them on their artwork. She often invites her students to eat their lunch with her and always makes those lunches special on the student’s birthdays. Ms. Bristol is a positive role model for her students and they appreciate having her as a teacher. Thanks to Ms. Meghan Bristol at the Oliver W. Winch Middle School for all that she does!

April 2 —  Mrs. Bree Horton, First Grade Teacher at Argyle Elementary School

Congratulations to Mrs. Bree Horton, a first-grade teacher at the Argyle Elementary School. Mrs. Horton is a caring and creative teacher.  She gets her students involved and learning before they even realize it! Mrs. Horton makes learning fun and makes sure that all of her students are at the level they should be. Mrs. Horton started up an after-school reading program to improve the reading skills of the students at Argyle Elementary School. Thanks to Mrs. Bree Horton for all of her extra efforts!

March 26 — Mrs. Meg Hunt, Social Studies Teacher at St. Mary's—St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School

Congratulations to Mrs. Meg Hunt, Social Studies teacher at St. Mary’s–St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School in Glens Falls. Mrs. Hunt also teaches religious studies at SMSA and always encourages her students to treat others in a kind way. She brightens up her students’ day with funny jokes and a positive attitude. Many of her students consider Mrs. Hunt their best teacher ever. Thanks to Mrs. Meg Hunt for all her extra efforts at the St. Mary’s–St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School in Glens Falls!

March 19 — Mrs. Chrissy Starks, First Grade Teacher at Mechanicville Elementary School

Congratulations to Mrs. Chrissy Starks, a first-grade grade teacher at the Mechanicville Elementary School.  Mrs. Starks is fantastic with all her students and has especially helped-out one of her students this year facing a medical issue. Even though this student uses a wheelchair to get around, Mrs. Starks has gone out of her way to make that student feel welcomed and included in all classroom and recess activities. Mrs. Starks is an awesome role model for all her students and is changing students’ lives every day for the better. 

March 12 — Mrs. Christine Sullivan, Third Grade Teacher at Warrensburg Elementary School

Congratulations to Mrs. Christine Sullivan, Third Grade Teacher at the Warrensburg Elementary School. Mrs. Sullivan goes out of her way to stay in communication with the parents of her students. She makes her students feel safe in a bully-free environment. Mrs. Sullivan knows it’s important to have her students look forward to each school day and she works towards that goal. If they look forward to school, they learn much more each day. Mrs. Sullivan is an exceptional educator and Warrensburg Elementary School is happy to have her win the teacher of the week.

March 5 — Mrs. Melissa Moynihan, Third Grade Teacher at Big Cross Elementary

Congratulations to Mrs. Melissa Moynihan, Third Grade Teacher at the Big Cross Elementary School in Glens Falls. Mrs. Moynihan has created a special close relationship with her students and their families. She goes out of her way to check on her students when they are out sick. And earlier this school year right before Christmas break when the school closed due to bad weather, Mrs. Moynihan drove to school and called each one of her students to wish them a nice holiday. Thanks to Mrs. Melissa Moynihan at the Big Cross Elementary School for all that she does!

February 26 — Mrs. Rachael Osinski, First Grade Teacher at Wood Road Elementary

Congratulations to Mrs. Rachael Osinski, First Grade Teacher at the Wood Road Elementary School in Ballston Spa. Mrs. Osinski spends countless hours of her own time reinventing her lessons to be the best possible teacher for her students. She helps her students realize their full potential, build friendships and reach new levels of academic achievement. Mrs. Osinski is an extremely hard working, kind and caring educator who is making a big difference in the lives of her students. Thanks for all you do Mrs. Rachael Osinski at the Wood Road Elementary School!

February 19 — Mrs. Dianne Petteys, Kindergarten Teacher at Ballard Elementary

Congratulations to Mrs. Dianne Petteys, Kindergarten Teacher at the Ballard Elementary School in the South Glens Falls School District. Mrs. Petteys makes sure that every child in her class has exactly what they need to make learning fun and engaging. When you see Mrs. Petteys interacting with her students, you can tell she gives them 100% of her attention. She always welcomes her students with open arms and a warm smile. Thank you Mrs. Dianne Petteys, at the Ballard  Elementary School for all you do!

February 12 — Mr. Thomas Vartuli, Physics Teacher at the Hudson Falls High School

"Not only is Mr. Vartuli an exceptional Physics Teacher, but he also coaches J.V. Basketball and instituted the science research class for Hudson Falls. He offers much of his free time before, during and after school for his students to receive extra help. Often, he continues to work from home finding helpful articles related to his students’ research. In addition to his academic contributions at Hudson Falls High School, Mr. Vartuli has a wonderful sense of humor that helps to make his classroom a fun learning environment!"

February 5 — Mr. PJ Motsiff, Kindergarten Teacher at the Kensington Road Elementary School in Glens Falls

"Mr. Motsiff comes up with so many great ideas and fun projects for his students. His teaching style is so good that the kids don’t even realize how quickly their skills are progressing. Mr. Motsiff is the perfect teacher to have at the start of a child’s educational experience. Thanks to Mr. PJ Motsiff at the Kensington Road Elementary School for all he does!"

January 29 — Mrs. Katie Bardin, 7th grade ELA teacher the Corinth Middle School

"Mrs. Bardin has a passion for teaching English and it shows in her class every day. She is willing to do whatever is necessary to engage her students, from helping them structuring a sentence to appreciating poetry. Mrs. Bardin goes above and beyond to help students not only feel successful but be successful. Thanks to Mrs. Katie Bardin for all she does at the Corinth Middle School!"

January 22 — Mrs. Cindy Benson, who works in the cafeteria at Fort Edward School

"This week’s Teacher of the Week is not actually a teacher, but a very important member of the For Edward School’s Staff. Congratulations to Mrs. Cindy Benson, who works in the cafeteria at Fort Edward School. Mrs. Benson has been working at the school for over 30 years, and she has been a positive influence on a generation of students. She is kind, compassionate, caring and through the great work that she does, is an inspiration to both students and co-workers at Fort Edward School. Again congratulations to Mrs. Cindy Benson from the cafeteria staff in Fort Edward!"

January 15 — Mrs. Barbie Eichorst, Special Education Teacher at the Hadley-Luzerne High School

"Mrs. Eichorst’s care for her students doesn’t stop at the end of the school day…she is incredibly involved in providing students with the very best care possible and goes above and beyond to include parents in what is going on with their child at school. She facilitates additional help for her students when needed and is a true asset to the Hadley-Luzerne school community. Thanks to Mrs. Barbie Eichorst for all she does!"

January 8 — Mr. Jerry Hicks, 6th Grade Math Teacher at the Queensbury Middle School

"Mr. Hicks’ sense of humor that makes him a great teacher. Middle school math can be a big jump for a lot of students, he always encourages his students to do their best and is always there to share a laugh or a funny joke. Mr. Hicks’ rapport and interaction with his students is excellent and that helps bring out the best in them. Congratulations again to Mr. Jerry Hicks from the Queensbury Middle School!"

December 18 — Mrs. Brenda Lee Saunders, Business Teacher at the Greenwich Junior-Senior High School

"Not only does Mrs. Saunders juggle a variety of classes including Business Law and a SUNY Adirondack Business Class… she also is the advisor to the Greenwich High School Mock Trial Team and runs the school’s internship program. She is a dedicated, humorous and compassionate teacher and is a role model for all of her students! Thanks to Mrs. Saunders for all that she does at Greenwich Junior–Senior High School!" View Photo

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