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Teacher of the Week

TCT and Adirondack Broadcasting Recognize Local Educators

Teacher of the Week is a weekly awards program sponsored by TCT Federal Credit Union and Adirondack Broadcasting that honors our local school employees making a difference. Each week during the school year one recipient is selected and announced on-air! 

Prizes provided this year by:  

  • A Lasting Impression Florist
  • Adirondack School Portraits 
  • Adirondack Winery
  • Davidson Brothers Brewery
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore
  • Hair Creations Studio 

All school employees are eligible to win!

If you know of a school employee who does an extraordinary job and goes above and beyond for you or your child, we want to hear about it. A nomination of 100 words or less should be submitted to teacher@adirondackbroadcasting.com explaining why this nominee should be Teacher of the Week. 




Congratulations Teachers of the Week!

2022–2023 School Year


June 12 Week - Mrs. Molly Myers of Queensbury Elementary School

Mrs. Myers teaches a 12-1-4 self-contained classroom.   Families of her students have been fortunate in knowing that Mrs. Meyers always goes above and beyond for the kids. This fall, Mrs. Myers will be switching roles and working with Queensbury School district's new Universal Pre-K program.  Mrs. Myers takes pride in the work she has done at Queensbury Elementary School and looks forward to helping the new students in the coming school years. Mrs. Meyers is passionate about education and the Queensbury School District's student body.  We look forward to her developing this wonderful program along with her peers. Being such a go-getter is exactly why Adirondack Broadcasting has selected her as the final Teacher of the Week sponsored by TCT Federal Credit Union.  Congratulations to all of this school year's winners.

June 5 - Ms. Margot Hens, 2nd-Grade Teacher at the Bolton Elementary School

.Ms. Hens is this week's Teacher of the Week.  Kindness and caring are central to Ms. Hens' approach to teaching. She teaches her students to care for one another and to learn how to advocate for themselves and their peers in positive ways.  Ms. Hens takes the time to understand each student and their unique needs.  She understands that teaching isn’t just about learning subjects…she’s helping to shape children into kind, caring, and engaging students.  Thanks again to Ms. Margot Hens from the Bolton Elementary School in Bolton Landing for all that she does for her students and community.

May 22 - Mrs. Lacey Bentley, 1st-Grade Teacher at Greenwich Elementary School

Mrs. Bentley is a truly dedicated professional who creates a warm, loving, and safe environment for all her students. She has taken additional steps on her own to better inform reading instruction to strengthen her student’s reading skills. Mrs. Bentley communicates with the families of her students very well so that they know the progress of their children and what they could work on at home. Her students love the special lunch groups that she forms to build better bonding. Thanks again to Mrs. Lacey Bentley at Greenwich Elementary School for all that she does for the staff, students, parents, and community. 

May 15 - Mrs. Phyllis Cleveland, Special Education Teacher at the Fort Edward School District

Congratulations to Mrs. Phyllis Cleveland, Special Education Teacher at the Fort Edward School District.  Students are the number one priority for Mrs. Cleveland, who takes the time to help them with whatever they need.  Often, she has delivered items to the students’ homes that they may have forgotten or needed for homework.  She communicates with the parents of her students on a regular basis and encourages them to reach out to her with any problems.  Mrs. Cleveland is compassionate and cares immensely for her students and she loves to follow up with former students as they move up the line.  

May 8 - Miss. Alexandra Sprague, 4th-grade Teacher at South Glens Falls’ Ballard Road Elementary School in Wilton

Miss. Sprague is truly one-of-a-kind.  She goes out of her way to connect with not only every student, but their parents as well.  Parents and students feel like they’ve gained not only a teacher, but a friend.  Miss. Sprague has turned around many students who used to dread going to school, but now can’t wait to get there.  She makes everyday fun and educational at the same time.  Thanks to miss Alexandra Sprague for all she does at South Glens Falls’ Ballard Road Elementary School in Wilton.

May 1 - Mrs. Susan Cunningham, Reading Teacher at Queensbury Middle School

Mrs. Cunningham is an exceptional teacher and works hard to help her students succeed. She brings years of skill and knowledge to her students and encourages them to reach goals on their own while guiding them as they learn. Mrs. Cunningham has also volunteered her time to start up a new school club, as well as leading efforts with the Kindness Closet.  Thanks to Mrs. Susan Cunningham for all that she does at the Queensbury Middle School

April 10 - Mr. Craig Falkenbury, Teaching Assistant at Corinth High School

Mr. Falkenbury works primarily with special education students, and you will not find a kinder, more committed teacher. He always has a joke or an amazing card trick to grab the attention of students and staff alike. His humor is contagious, and he always has a kind word to share. Mr. Falkenbury is incredibly generous to the Corinth community, and he coaches for both the school and summer programs. Thanks to Mr. Craig Falkenbury for all he does at Corinth High School!

April 3 - Mrs. Christine Sullivan, 3rd-grade Teacher at Warrensburg Elementary School

Mrs. Sullivan is an exceptional teacher. Not only because she always goes above and beyond for her students but because she has open communication with all parents. Mrs. Sullivan is passionate and will fight for what her students may need at any point in time. For example, Mrs. Sullivan was very helpful with students who struggle with anxiety.  She advocates for the environment and items needed for the student to thrive.  Mrs. Sullivan has forged a special relationship with all of her students and it’s always recognized when students return to visit her and talk to her for additional advice as they grow up.  Students return to visit her through all their other grades at Warrensburg elementary school. Thanks to Mrs. Christine Sullivan for all that she does for the Warrensburg families and school community.

March 27 - Mrs. Jennifer Seymour, Art Teacher at the Mechanicville High School

Mrs. Seymour uses her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts to teach techniques to her students and she always shows appreciation for each student’s unique talents. Even when she was teaching from home during the pandemic, she showed her students how therapeutic using their creativity can really be and continues to be a positive mentor in the lives of young people every day. Thanks to Mrs. Jennifer Seymour for all of her work to bring art and beauty to Mechanicville High School!

March 20 - Mr. Joseph Traina, 8th-grade Teacher at the King’s School in Hadley

Mr. Traina makes learning fun and engaging with his energetic, humorous, and magnetic personality. He deeply cares for his students and teaches them real-life lessons through his assignments. Each student has an individual relationship with Mr. Traina as he takes the time to initiate one-on-one conversations with them. He has built firm foundations for life-long connections with each student and in addition, he has phenomenal communication skills with parents. Thanks to Mr. Joseph Traina for all he does for the King’s School in Hadley!

March 13 - Mrs. Barb McCune, a Teacher's Aide in the Special Education Program at the Wood Road Elementary School in Ballston Spa

Mrs. McCune treats every student like they are her own child by caring for their individual needs. She makes each student feel important and heard. With her warm personality, Mrs. McCune brightens the day for every student that is lucky enough to be in her class. Parents love and appreciate everything that Mrs. McCune does for her students at the Wood Road Elementary School in Ballston Spa. TCT Federal Credit Union is grateful for individuals such as Mrs. Barb McCune.  The school environment and program thrive because of her care, dedication, and compassion and that is why she is this week's Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union Teacher of the Week.

March 6 - Mr. Jerry Noonan, 7th & 8th Special Education Teacher at the Washington Street Teaching and Learning Center in Fort Edward

Mr. Noonan really loves to work with his students.  Many of his students have special challenges in their lives and Mr. Noonan enjoys teaching them things that they can use in all aspects of their life.  His experience and teaching skills are appreciated by his students and their families.  Congratulations again to Mr. Jerry Noonan from the Washington Street Teaching and Learning Center in Fort Edward for being this week’s Teacher of the Week.

February 27 - Ms. Kindra Byrne, Kindergarten Teacher at the Stewart M. Townsend Elementary School in the Hadley-Luzerne School District

Ms. Byrne embodies all the traits that make a wonderful kindergarten Teacher. She is compassionate, fun, high-energy, and passionate about childhood development and teaching. Ms. Byrne is currently pursuing her master’s degree and does an awesome job of balancing her full-time teaching duties while attending college in the evening. She always makes time to answer parent questions and come up with creative lessons and fun activities! Thanks again to Ms. Kindra Byrne at the Stewart M. Townsend Elementary School!

February 20 - Mrs. Amy Kuster, Lead Teacher at the Head Start Center in Hudson Falls

Mrs. Kustler is an amazing Head Start teacher and goes way above and beyond for every child in her class. She’s always very welcoming and eager to help the children and the children’s families however she can. Mrs. Kuster has touched the lives of so many people and is truly a blessing to have working at Head Start in Hudson Falls. Thanks again to Mrs. Amy Kuster for all that she does!

February 6 - Ms. Rebecca Carnevalla, Guidance Counselor at the Queensbury Middle School

Ms. Carnevalla goes out of her way to help all of the students and their parents. She not only never judges students for their mistakes but instead helps them learn and grow from them. Along with the many students she helps daily, she also does community service and is the advisor for several student clubs at the school. Her dedication to serving the school and community is impressionable. Ms. Carnevalla’s positive approachable and upbeat personality helps students and parents feel connected to Queensbury Middle School and for these reasons, she has been selected as the Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union’s Teacher of the Week! 

January 30 - Mrs. Felicia Milam, Kindergarten Teacher at Queensbury Elementary School

Mrs. Milam is in her first year teaching at Queensbury, and she has jumped into her work with a lot of enthusiasm!  Her students love coming to school to learn and her creative style of teaching in the classroom helps lessons stick with them!  Parents cannot believe how much their kids have learned so far this school year in Mrs. Milam’s class.  Thanks to Mrs. Felicia Milam at Queensbury elementary school for bringing fresh energy, excitement, and joy to the classroom, that is why you are this week’s Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union’s Teacher of the Week!

January 23 - Mrs. Mary Meliski, 3rd-grade Teacher at the St. Marys St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School in Glens Falls

Mrs. Meliski always goes above and beyond for her students. She has purchased extra multiplication books and started a multiplication club after school to help her students learn more about math! Mrs. Meliski’s students look forward to school and she has helped to make learning exciting in her classroom. She is always available after school for students who need extra help! Thanks to Mrs. Mary Meliski for all she does at SMSA in Glens Falls!

January 16 - Ms. Nicole Matino, English Teacher at Glens Falls High School

Ms. Matino cares for and loves all her students. She makes classes fun and presents the material so that it is easy to learn. Ms. Matino does everything possible for her students to be happy and have a good learning environment. Her students appreciate all her extra efforts and how she helps them with their English classwork. Thanks again to Ms. Nicole Matino from Glens Falls High School!

January 9 - Mrs. Tiffani Murray, 3rd-grade Teacher at the Stillwater Elementary School

Mrs. Murray is the most fun-loving teacher who happens to care about her students deeply.  She goes from spending extra time with each student when they need help, to buying snow boots for a student so they may go on the playground at recess. Her support goes beyond her classroom. For example, if any of her students are involved in a play, concert, or sporting event, Mrs. Murray makes it a point to show up and support them. Mrs. Murray also is a great role model for going to school as she recently completed her Master's Degree. Mrs. Tiffani Murray, thank you for all you do for the students and community of Stillwater Elementary School!  She’s extraordinary and for that Adirondack Broadcasting has selected her as the Teacher of the Week sponsored by TCT Federal Credit Union. 

January 2 - Mrs. Maria Payne, Guidance Counselor at the Shenendehowa High School in Clifton Park

Mrs. Payne helps her students gain confidence in themselves and recognize that they can graduate and move forward in life. She helps her students stay on track during high school for whatever they choose to do afterward, whether that means college, a trade school, the military, or the working field. Often, high school students are unsure of what they’d like to do after high school, but thanks to Mrs. Payne at Shenendehowa high school, she helps to get her students ready for the transition! Her enlightened approach to students has them building goals as well as reaching their dreams.  Her influence and positive assistance are what make her a true star and the Adirondack Broadcasting TCT Federal Credit Union Teacher of the Week.

December 19 - Mrs. Pamela O’Rourke, Preschool Special Education Teacher at the Helping Hands Academy and Nursery School in Clifton Park

Mrs. O’Rourke is the teacher of a special needs classroom and goes above and beyond for her students. She is especially good at communicating with parents to keep them updated on their children’s progress. Mrs. O’Rourke presents a fun classroom environment, and her students just flourish. Thanks again to Mrs. Pamela O’Rourke at the Helping Hands Academy in Clifton Park.

December 5 - Mrs. Judi Hull, a Teacher's Assistant in the 7th-grade Special Education Resource Room at the Warrensburg Junior-Senior High School

Last year, Mrs. Hull took over the classroom while the teacher was out with illness and did a great job. She thrives at helping students with their math and other classwork. She tries every way possible to connect the subject to the students. She would make sure the students would understand their classwork in a simpler and easier-to-understand way. In addition, Mrs. Hull also takes time out of her schedule to attend her student’s sporting events and truly wants to help all of them succeed both in and out of the classroom. A compassionate, caring individual who always thinks of her student’s mental health, education, and emotional support. That is why Mrs. Judi Hull of the Warrensburg Junior/Senior High school is this week’s Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union’s Teacher of the week!

November 28 - Mrs. Katie Chapman, Special Education Teacher at the Lake George High School

Mrs. Chapman is fully committed and devoted to her students. She is always willing to go the extra mile… for example, she is always giving up her free time and lunchtime to ensure the success of her students. Mrs. Chapman also offers her students a quiet and safe place to work on school lessons and decompress when necessary. The success of many of the students that have gone through her class can be largely credited directly to Mrs. Chapman. She simply cares about each student she engages with, with true devotion. 

November 21 - Mr. Tom Sliva, a Teacher at the Hudson Falls Middle School

Mr. Sliva is incredibly kind and fun! He gives out work that is fun to do, yet his students also learn a lot from it. He makes his class fun by playing music, and cracking jokes…but works hard to help his students succeed! Mr. Sliva creates a special bond with all his students and that relationship lasts through their remaining years at Hudson Falls.

November 14 - Mrs. April Ostrander, 4th-grade Teacher at the Hudson Falls Intermediate School

Mrs. Ostrander has a special way with kids. She makes learning fun and her students always come home talking about something they learned at school that day. Mrs. Ostrander sets a schedule and routine that helps students thrive and they all know the clear expectations of each lesson every day. Her daily communication with parents is above and beyond and she lets them know what went over in class and how to reinforce that at home. Thanks to Mrs. April Ostrander for all that she does for her students at the Hudson Falls Intermediate School!

November 7 - Miss Emily Boncordo, English Teacher at the Ballston Spa Middle School

Miss Boncordo is a compassionate, outstanding teacher who helps her students that are struggling with their work and assists them to get their grades up. While that is common in most teachers, she even helps students with work from their other classes! Miss Boncordo has been known to constantly buy supplies for students in need, and they truly connect with her on a humanistic level that some may not have otherwise. And in addition to always supporting her students, members of the Ballston Spa Middle School have also informed us of her caring nature toward her fellow staff. Thanks to Miss Emily Boncordo for all that she does! 

October 31 - Mr. Nick Richard, 12th grade Special Ed Teacher at the Schuylerville High School

Mr. Richard is not only a teacher, but he is a varsity football coach, assistant varsity lacrosse coach, and a girls j-v basketball coach. He goes out of his way to get involved in many extracurricular activities that go on at Schuylerville High School …he’s been in school plays, pep rally activities, corn hole tournaments and so much more.  The students and staff members at Schuylerville would like to thank Mr. Richard for all that he does!

October 24 - Mrs. Marcella Eichhorn, School Counselor at the Corinth Elementary School

Mrs. Eichhorn is a native of Brazil and she help students in Corinth discover the beauty of diversity. She is a true force of nature that the students adore. Mrs. Eichhorn is quick to help all students, be it a brief hug in the hallways or providing a comforting space in her office. And the teachers rely on her expertise and marvel at her ability to speak five languages. Thank you Mrs. Marcella Eichhorn for being a true superstar educator at the Corinth Elementary School!

October 17 - Mrs. Kathleen Fortier, Pre-school Teacher at Noah’s Ark Pre-K at the St. Mary’s-St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School in Glens Falls

Mrs. Fortier is a very compassionate individual who pays attention to all aspects of her student’s development and growth, along with their early school lessons. She also goes above and beyond with planning activities and supporting events at SMSA.  After being in Mrs. Fortier’s class, many parents see positive changes in their kids and are extremely grateful for all of her hard work. Thanks again to Mrs. Kathleen Fortier at Noah’s Ark Pre-school at the St. Mary’s-St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School in Glens Falls.

October 10 - Mrs. Michele Brodt, Pre-K Teacher at the Margaret M. Murphy Kindergarten Center in Hudson Falls

Mrs. Brodt takes the time to recognize the individual needs of each of her students and helps to pave the way for the start of their school learning. She develops meaningful relationships with students that last for many years beyond preschool. Both students and their parents really appreciate how caring Mrs. Brodt is and are proud that she is the teacher of the week. Congratulations to Mrs. Michele Brodt at the Margaret M. Murphy Kindergarten Center in Hudson Falls your exceptional connection to these young students is why you have been selected as this week's Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union Teacher of the Week.  

October 3 - Mrs. Danielle Kuba, Special Education Teacher at the Hudson Falls Senior High School

She is this week’s Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union’s Teacher of the week.  Recently a new student moved into the district and Mrs. Kuba was extremely helpful to make the student feel welcomed. She helped them get adjusted to their schoolwork and classes, truly making them comfortably settle in the new environment.  This is how Mrs. Kuba is all the time.  She is always there for her students in any situation, including homework, school projects, and personal challenges.  For many students, Mrs. Kuba is not only a teacher…but also a supporter and good friend.  That’s why we are giving special thanks to Mrs. Danielle Kuba for all that she does for her students at the Hudson Falls Senior High School!   

Sept. 19 - Mary Bailey, Math Teacher at the Fort Ann High School

In addition to being a great teacher, Mrs. Bailey helps with the Fort Ann Trap Team by taking scores, always finding the gear they need, and helping kids who want to practice on weekends.  Mrs. Bailey has 4 kids of her own plus all of her school kids and knows the importance of communicating with parents.  She takes time and effort to care about her students and the people in the community and that's why she is this week's Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union Teacher of the Week.  Congratulations to Mrs. Mary Bailey at the Fort Ann High School!


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