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Teacher of the Week

TCT and Adirondack Broadcasting Recognize Local School Employees

Teacher of the Week is a weekly awards program sponsored by TCT Federal Credit Union and Adirondack Broadcasting that honors our local school employees making a positive impact on their students and school communities! Each week during the school year one recipient is selected and announced on-air.


Congratulations 2023-24 Recipients

Click on the recipient's name to read their nomination.

March 25 - Brooklin Drake, Agriculture Teacher at Cambridge High School

Agriculture is a new class at Cambridge and Ms. Drake has taken the program a long way in a short period of time. She is also FFA Advisor and currently has a student going to States. Ms. Drake inspires her students every day and those students look forward to coming to school because of her efforts. Often, Ms. Drake will spend her planning hours and lunchtime with students. Thanks again to Ms. Brooklin Drake for all she does in Agriculture, the Cambridge community, and the Cambridge school district! TCT Federal Credit Union appreciates all you do and that is why you are this week’s Teacher of the Week!

March 18 - Alicia Collier, Math Teacher, Oliver W. Winch Middle School in South Glens Falls

For many students, coming into Mrs. Collier’s class, Math is not their favorite subject, but how she helps her students to understand Math makes it fun for them to learn! Many students who have struggled with Math come out of Mrs. Collier’s class learning a lot and ready for the next levels of math. The parents of Mrs. Collier’s students are grateful for the turnaround in their child’s understanding of math! Thanks to Mrs. Alicia Collier for all she does at Oliver W. Winch Middle School in South Glens Falls.

March 11 - Amy Baker, Band Teacher, Lake George High School

Mrs. Baker not only teaches the school band, but she is also the drumline teacher. Recently, the Lake George High School drumline performed at the South High Dance Marathon opening ceremonies. Mrs. Baker invests a lot of time with the drumline students to make the experience memorable year after year! Her passion, time, and dedication are appreciated among her students.

Feb. 26 - Jeremy Brown, English Teacher at Queensbury Middle School

In addition to being an outstanding educator, Mr. Brown is also a Coach and Club Advisor. Recently, Mr. Brown has put in countless hours teaching and coaching students in the Queensbury Robotics Program for grades 4 - 8. He has offered any student interested in the Queensbury Robotics Program a spot on a team and he has worked to empower students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and most importantly, good teammates. Thanks to Mr. Jeremy Brown at the Queensbury Middle School for all of the wonderful things he’s doing for students!

Feb. 19 - Ashley Schwartz, first-grade Teacher at Warrensburg Elementary School

This school year, Mrs. Schwartz has done an amazing job in helping one of her students who struggles with anxiety. She has provided that student with great comfort and helped adjust her to the classroom environment. Anxiety can be hard for children to express, and her insight and caring nature have her tuned in to the well-being of her students. Mrs. Schwartz is also excellent at communicating with parents. She shows great care and love for her students and their parents. Thanks again to Mrs. Ashley Schwartz. 

Feb. 12 - Cara Pilch, 5th grade Teacher at Granville Elementary School

Ms. Pilch works with her students to give them a fun and educational environment. She engages her students to work hard and her many years as an educator helps her students to succeed. When Ms. Pilch notices a student who is struggling, she provides extra assistance to make sure that each student understands the work. The Granville community and elementary school feel lucky to have Ms. Cara Pilch and so do we at Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union.

Feb. 5 - Darrell Holovach, Music Teacher and Band Director at Cambridge Central School

Mr. Holovach has reinvigorated the performing arts program at Cambridge Central Schools and tripled the student participation in the middle school band.  He fosters a student-centered teaching approach, which is evident in his preparation of the students for both the winter concert and a new college-level theatre class.  Mr. Holovach’s reach extends beyond the classroom and he makes sure the performing arts are visible around the greater Cambridge Community.  Thank You to Mr. Darrell Holovach for all he does in the Cambridge community and central school district. 

Jan. 22 - Mrs. Jennifer Burrall, 2nd grade Teacher, Hudson Falls Primary School

Parents who have children in Mrs. Burrall’s class are impressed with the progress they have made so far this year.  Mrs. Burrall goes the extra mile daily and makes coming to school exciting for her students.  She is able to tell where each student is academically and creates goals for them to develop the next-level skills they need to be successful students.  Mrs. Burrall’s parental communication is impressive.  Our chosen nomination can’t express enough about how parents are amazed how she gets it all done.  Thanks to Mrs. Jennifer Burrall, 2nd grade Teacher at the Hudson Falls Primary School for being an extraordinary educator!  We salute you with the Teacher of the Week Award from Adirondack Broadcasting sponsored by TCT Federal Credit Union.  

Jan. 8 - Ms. Annamarie Anderson, Kindergarten Teacher, Hartford Elementary School

Ms. Anderson has a real talent for helping shy students make great strides socially in the classroom.  Parents of her students appreciate the way she cares for each one of her students and she possesses the special “it” factor that kids gravitate to.  Ms. Anderson is dedicated to fostering a strong home-school partnership and is proactive in communicating with parents about their child’s progress at school.  Thanks to Ms. Annamarie Anderson for all she does for the community and Hartford Elementary School!

Jan. 15 - Mrs. Maria Whitney, 3rd grade Teacher, Harrison Avenue Elementary School in South Glens Falls

Mrs. Whitney’s students like her because she is nice and helps everybody all year.  She gets to know all her students and their parents very well, so she can keep everyone updated on their progress in the classroom.  Mrs. Whitney always goes the extra mile to help her students succeed.  Thanks to Mrs. Maria Whitney for all that she does at the Harrison Avenue Elementary School in South Glens Falls! 

Jan. 1 - Mrs. Jessica Purtell, 1st-Grade Teacher at Queensbury Elementary School

Mrs. Purtell consistently makes the school day fun for her class and goes out of her way to make each student feel special. Even students who did not like going to school, now love her class and are learning a lot! Mrs. Purtell's teaching style has helped her students grow in academic results, and the parents appreciate her extra efforts more than Mrs. Purtell could probably imagine. For that reason and many more, Mrs. Jessica Purtell has been selected as the Adirondack Broadcasting Teacher of the Week sponsored by TCT Federal Credit Union.

Dec. 18 - Mrs. Mandi Ridler, 2nd grade Teacher at Salem Central School 

Mrs. Ridler is a warm and caring teacher, dedicated to creating a safe learning space where all her students feel welcome and heard. Her holistic teaching style draws students in and encourages them to work both independently and in teams. Mrs. Ridler’s students think that everything she does contributes to making her a great teacher. Thanks to Mrs. Mandi Ridler for all she does at the Salem Central Schools on behalf of all of us at TCT Federal Credit Union.

Dec. 11 - Mrs. Dianne Donovan, Practical Nursing Program Supervisor at the WSWHE BOCES Education Center in Hudson Falls

Mrs. Donovan is a true mentor for her students and does everything in her power to ensure her students have the resources they need to be successful! Recently when a student’s car was broken down, she went out of her way to make sure that student had transportation to make it to class. Mrs. Donovan’s door is always open for students when they feel overwhelmed, stressed or having problems with the learning material. Mrs. Donovan truly cares about students being their academic success. Thanks again to Mrs.. Dianne Donovan for all she does for her nursing students at WSWHE BOCES in Hudson Falls from all of us at TCT Federal Credit Union!

Dec. 4 - Mrs. Christina Taylor, English Teacher at Corinth High School

Mrs. Taylor not only teaches English, but she teaches a special English class through Syracuse University which allows high school seniors to earn college credits. She’s perfect for this course. After taking that class, many of her students feel well-prepared to tackle English classes in college. She prepares students for the workload they’ll experience in college along with the advanced level of that work. She’s compassionate and cares about each student’s individual success every day. Congratulations once again to Mrs. Christina Taylor for being selected as the Adirondack Broadcasting Teacher of the Week, sponsored by TCT Federal Credit Union. Thank you for all that you do for the Corinth school campus and community!

Nov. 27 - Mrs. Christine Santandrea, 5th-grade Teacher at Gordon Creek Elementary School in Ballston Spa

There’s a saying that there is both a science and an art to teaching…and Mrs. Santandrea has mastered both! She is an incredibly hard-working, dedicated, and humble educator who goes above and beyond for both her students and her colleagues. Mrs. Santandrea is quick to adapt to her students’ specific needs and is talented at connecting with her students and teaching them in creative and engaging ways. We are grateful for teachers just like her and that’s why we congratulate and award her the Adirondack Broadcasting Teacher of the Week Award from TCT Federal Credit Union. Thanks again to Mrs. Christine Santandrea for all that she does for students at Gordon Creek Elementary School in Ballston Spa.

Nov. 20 - Ms. Mindy Combs, of Warren County Head Start on Pearl Street in Glens Falls

"Ms. Mindy", as her students call her, is truly a rock star in the classroom. She is always going above and beyond the call of duty for not only the students but the community around her. There are so many things she does to give back but she is known for buying clothing and supplies for homeless families, as well as for children in her classroom. She does all this with money out of her own pocket because she knows she is making a difference. What she's doing is positively impacting those who are less fortunate in our community. Ms. Mindy isn't wealthy, but she is rich with kindness and compassion. Ms Mindy is the type of teacher every parent would want for their preschool-age child. Cheers for Ms. Mindy Combs have been heard from her Head Start students, their parents, her co-workers, the administrative staff, and surrounding community members. 

Nov. 13 - Mrs. Cathy Kilby, Math Teacher at Granville Junior Senior High School

The nomination for Mrs. Kilby described how much she cares for each one of her students. She loves to help her students with their math lessons and works to help them understand how math skills will help them throughout their lives. Math can be challenging, but Mrs. Kilby puts in a lot of time helping her students succeed and perform well on their regent exams each year. She is passionate about teaching and is dedicated to helping them thrive. Thanks to Mrs. Cathy Kilby at the Granville Junior Senior High School for all she does for her students. 

Nov. 6 - Mrs. Ruby Greco, Social Studies Teacher at Fort Ann Central School

Mrs. Greco shows pure love and support to each one of her students. She has dedicated her life to her career and that is reflected in her work ethic, her passion for education, and her attention to her students. Mrs. Greco is currently on maternity leave, but she still makes sure that she keeps in touch with her substitute teachers and to make sure her students are still doing their best. Thanks to Mrs. Ruby Greco for all she does at Fort Ann Central School!

Oct. 30 - Ms. Allie Miksch, Student Counselor at the Moreau Elementary School in South Glens Falls

Ms. Miksch is new this year at Moreau Elementary School and has made an immediate impact on students. She puts all of the students' happiness and safety first and has the biggest heart for her job. She has stayed late after school to be with students while they wait to be picked up by parents keeping their well-being a number one priority. Her efforts so far this year with students are really helping them succeed on many levels. Thanks to Ms. Allie Miksch for all she does for the students at the Moreau Elementary School in South Glens Falls!

Oct. 23 - Mrs. Jennifer Girard, Art Teacher at the Glens Falls Middle School

Mrs. Girard’s art classes are more than just a class. She allows her students to freely be themselves and really show how creative and artistic they are. Mrs. Girard encourages her students to try new things in a fun and successful way and many of her students express how much they enjoy being in her class. Glens Falls Middle School is lucky to have such a bright, full-of-life, open-minded, and huge-heart of a teacher. And she is a positive role model for students. Thanks to Mrs. Jennifer Girard for all that she does at Glens Falls Middle School!

Oct. 16 - Mrs. Emily Mosher, Special Education Teacher at Queensbury Middle School

Mrs. Mosher teaches in the life skills contained classroom at Queensbury Middle School. In addition to her dedication to education, Mrs. Mosher is also an advisor to 7 student organizations including the 8th grade class advisor, the Middle School drama club, and the yearbook committee. She is the most generous teacher you'd ever meet and is the go-to person at the middle school for anything you need. Queensbury Middle School would not be the same without her! Because of those reasons and so much more, this week's Teacher of the Week is Emily Mosher. Congratulations. The Queensbury School Community thanks you as well as Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union.

Oct. 9 - Amber Seeley, Kindergarten Teacher at Warrensburg Elementary School

Mrs Seeley is an amazing teacher, each and every morning she comes outside to welcome the students and individually she greets each student with a smile on her face. Her enthusiasm and cheerfulness are what the students need and she brings that every day. Mrs. Seeley is always there for her students plus is also very communicative with their parents. She is always keeping them updated on what is going on in the classroom. Dedicated, passionate, positive, enthusiastic, and caring are just a few keywords describing this week's Adirondack Broadcasting Teacher of the Week. Congratulations once again to Amber Seeley from the Warrensburg Elementary School!

Oct. 2 - Mrs. Tara Caligure, Special Education Teacher at Salem Elementary School

Mrs. Caligure specializes in helping her students improve their reading skills and gain confidence as young readers. She was also one of the coaches for “Girls in the Run” this past spring which made a huge difference in the lives of many young girls in Salem. Thanks to Mrs. Tara Caligure for her dedication to teaching and all that she does for her students at the Salem Elementary School!

Sept. 25 - Miss Kerri Hollowood, Kindergarten Teacher at Corinth Elementary School

Miss Hollowood is a remarkable teacher with a fun and energetic personality that shines in her classroom. Her excitement inspires her students and makes going to school a new adventure to look forward to each day. Miss Hollowood is extremely dedicated to her students’ growth, and she helps them build self-confidence that will help them throughout their years of learning. Thanks again to Miss Kerri Hollowood of Corinth Elementary School for all that she does!



All school employees are eligible to win

If you know of a school employee who does an extraordinary job and goes above and beyond for you or your child, we want to hear about it. A nomination of 100 words or less should be submitted to teacher@adirondackbroadcasting.com explaining why this nominee should be Teacher of the Week. 

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