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Teacher of the Week 2021-2022
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TCT recognizes the outstanding efforts of Educators in our Communities

Teachers and education professionals strengthen communities by making a difference in the lives of our children. Every week during the school year we honor local educators and school employees for their outstanding efforts thanks to your nominations. One recipient is selected each Monday morning and announced on-air. The award includes gift certificates to local businesses, a commemorative plaque, flowers, and a gift bag. Teacher of the Week is sponsored by TCT Federal Credit Union and Adirondack Broadcasting. All school employees are eligible to win! If you know of a school employee who does an extraordinary job and goes above and beyond for you or your child then we want to hear about it. 

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Congratulations Teachers of the Week!
2021-2022 School Year

Teacher of the Year Awarded to Tabitha McGill, Math Teacher at Queensbury Middle School!

Nominated by a student in the 7th grade, Tabitha was described as caring, giving, and hard-working. She’s a fun Math teacher at Queensbury Middle School and we are so pleased to present this to someone just like her. She’s a hard-working role model, caring student club advisor for PAWS (Pets and Wildlife Support), passionate entrepreneur of her own photography business, and an accomplished scholar, who recently accomplished her Master’s Degree in Educational Technology at SUNY ONEONTA. Tabitha is a great example of community and education and that’s why we are proud to present her with the Teacher of the Year Award. VIEW PHOTO

Congratulations to Ms. Erica Engel, Art Teacher at the Shenendehowa High School in Clifton Park

Ms. Engel has been an integral part of the Shenendehowa High School family for 20 years. She is always willing to lend a helping hand by chaperoning multiple proms and student trips abroad as well as being a wonderful mentor to new teachers. Ms. Engel is so proud of her student’s artwork that she has exhibited them in many places and during covid, she would drive art supplies to homes of families who did not have transportation so the students still could participate in class. Thanks to Ms. Erica Engel for all that she does for students at Shenendehowa high school! 

Congratulations to Miss Kristen O’Connor, Second grade Teacher at the Kensington Road Elementary School in Glens Falls

Miss O’Connor always comes up with fun and educational ways to celebrate holidays with crafts and themed activities. Over the past two challenging years for educators, she found a way to preserve learning and meet both the physical and emotional needs of her students. Miss O’Connor understands the meaning of teaching the “whole child” and never stops giving 110% to her students and their families. Miss O’Connor even volunteers to lead afterschool enrichment opportunities for former students and coaches volleyball. Thanks to Miss Kristen O’Connor for all that she does at the Kensington Road Elementary School!

Congratulations to Mr. Zack Ellis, 7th grade History Teacher at The King’s School in Lake Luzerne

Mr. Ellis is an enthusiastic teacher with a great sense of humor.  He makes learning fun, encourages his students to do their best, and volunteers to participate in activities outside the classroom.  The students feel connected to him as he makes a point to get to know each of them individually.  Mr. Ellis often greets the students by playing his guitar and he sets the tone for a positive, warm, and caring atmosphere.  Thanks to Mr. Zack Ellis for all that he does at The King’s School in Lake Luzerne!

Congratulations to Mr. Randy Vanderwarker, Custodian at the North Warren Central School in Chestertown

Mr. Vanderwarker is no ordinary custodian, many days you can find him reading a book to students in a classroom, mentoring students, and consoling crying children. He also dresses at the Cougar Mascot, helps to grill for the staff appreciation day, and helps to keep the school clean and safe as the sole custodian on duty. The students, staff, and parents at North Warren Central School would like to thank Mr. Randy Vanderwarker for all that he does! 

Congratulations to Mrs. Susie Cunningham, Speech Pathologist at the Queensbury Middle School

Mrs. Cunningham goes above and beyond to make sure students' personal needs are met… including clothing and personal hygiene items. She was instrumental in opening the school kindness closet. Mrs. Cunningham takes the time to see her students throughout the school day, even if she’s not scheduled to do so. She truly cares about each student and staff member at the Queensbury Middle School and would do anything for them. Thanks to Mrs. Susie Cunningham for all that she does!

Congratulations to Mrs. Karen Dickinson, Kindergarten Teacher at the Division Street School in Saratoga Springs

The past few years have been challenging for all educators, but Mrs. Dickinson has been incredible with her professional, kind, and committed teaching style. She gives her all…staying late, offering her students special days, hands-on activities, and making sure they have a relatively normal first experience in public schooling. Mrs. Dickinson is well organized and always speaks to her students and parents with respect and honesty. Thanks to Mrs. Karen Dickinson for all that she does at the Division Street Elementary School in Saratoga.

Congratulations to Mr. Joe Sliwinski, Science Teacher at the Koda Middle School in Clifton Park

Mr. Sliwinski finds a way to make science fun for his students and to brighten up their day.  Even if his jokes aren’t always funny, his students appreciate the way he helps them learn earth science. Mr. Sliwinski is also the advisor for the ‘Odyessy of the Mind’ and the ‘Future Cities’ clubs at Koda Middle School. He often stays after school to work with his students and the members of the clubs. Thanks again to Mr. Joe Sliwinski for all he does at the Koda Middle School in Clifton Park.

Congratulations to Mrs. Carrie Duell, Kitchen Manager at the South Glens Falls School District

Mrs. Duell has served students in South Glens Falls for thirty-plus years. Over those years she has come in early and stayed late for special school events. Mrs. Duell has been on the South High Marathon Dance Committee where she makes sure the kids have the foods they like and any help they need to attend the dance marathon each year. During the pandemic, Mrs. Duell made sure the students that were at home could have their lunches when they weren’t able to come to school. She helped to deliver lunches even to students who were not on the delivery list but still needed help. Time and again, Mrs. Carrie Duell has been a big part of the South Glens Falls School District and they would like to thank her for all of the extra efforts!

Congratulations to Ms. Tabitha McGill, 7th grade Math Teacher at the Queensbury Middle School

Recently, Ms. McGill volunteered to get a pie in her face to help raise $780.00 for the Queensbury snack pack program that provides food to students in need on weekends and over school breaks. She makes learning math fun and shows her students how to do the material… instead of just telling them how to do it. If one of Ms. McGill’s students asks for help, she never hesitates to provide some individual instruction. Ms. McGill balances her teaching at Queensbury Middle School while working on her masters degree. Her students thank her for all of her extra efforts!

Congratulations to Mrs. Julie Slayback, who teaches 3rd and 4th grade at the Newcomb Central School District

Mrs. Slayback is 100% dedicated to her students and classroom and is often found at school in the early mornings and over the weekends preparing her classroom materials. She is talented at really connecting with her students and educating them in a creative and engaging fashion. Mrs. Slayback is very attentive within the classroom and never hesitates to notify parents when there is a concern with their children during the school day.  Thanks to Mrs. Julie Slayback for all that she does at the Newcomb Central Schools!

Congratulations to Mrs. Mary Ann Brownell, School Dispatcher in the Transportation Department at Greenwich Central Schools

Mrs. Brownell not only is the school dispatcher, but she also drives the school van and works in the high school cafeteria. She is an expert on all the addresses, roads, students, and parents in the Greenwich school district, and every year she sets up the bus schedules, mileage, fuel needs, and more. It’s easy to see why Mrs. Mary Ann Brownell is so important to the staff and students in Greenwich and they wanted to thank her for all that she does!

Congratulations to Mrs. Katie Brunson, Reading Specialist at the Milton Terrace Elementary School in Ballston Spa

Mrs. Brunson embraces all of her students with kindness and love. She not only teaches reading, but she has put into place the new reading program that Milton Terrace has adopted. Mrs. Brunson is an advocate for her students that may be going through rough times, making sure they have clothing and she keeps extra snacks in her room. In her spare time, she is a board member at the Schuylerville Library and a member of the board of education for the Schuylerville School District. Thank you so much to Mrs. Katie Brunson at the Milton Terrace Elementary School for all that she does for the community and students.  VIEW PHOTO

Congratulations to Mrs. Heather Gadway, Kindergarten teacher at the Mary J. Tanner Elementary School in Granville

Mrs. Gadway builds a personal relationship with all of her students and their parents. She's been known to purchase supplies for her students when they need something. Mrs. Gadway makes learning fun and builds a great foundation in her students for all the learning to come. On behalf of the Granville community and parents thank you for all that you do. That's why you are this week's TCT Federal Credit Union Teacher of the week. VIEW PHOTO

Congratulations to Mrs. Dianne Spratt, Kindergarten Teacher at the Ballard Road Elementary School in the South Glens Falls School District

Mrs. Spratt has been so comforting to her students while they were transitioning to a full-day kindergarten. She is always happy, and it rubs off on her students. They learn to walk properly in the hallways by singing songs and when they need breaks between subjects, they have dance parties. Mrs. Spratt is so in-tune with her students' emotional needs in her class as well. She makes their first year of school experience so much fun. Congratulations to Mrs. Dianne Spratt, Kindergarten Teacher at the Ballard Road Elementary school in South Glens Falls. VIEW PHOTO

Congratulations to Mrs. Ruthann Thivierge, 3rd Grade Teacher at the Schuylerville Elementary School

Mrs. Thivierge had to step up to teach both 2nd and 3rd grades last year while students were learning virtually. She was excellent at getting the parents of her students involved with their lessons while they were learning from home. Mrs. Thivierge asked and was assigned all of her 2nd graders last year into her regular 3rd-grade class at school this year to make it a much easier transition for them in a very difficult time for young children. Thanks again to Mrs. Ruthann Thivierge for all she does at the Schuylerville Elementary School! View Photo

Congratulations to Miss Lynn Andrejkovics, 1st Grade Teacher at the Fort Ann Elementary School 

Miss Andrejkovics takes the time to get to know each student and make a personal connection with them. She celebrates all their successes and makes learning fun. Miss “A” as her students call her, encourages the kids to be independent and proud of what they learn in school. Many in her class can’t wait to get home and tell their parents what they learned that day. Miss “A” has made a lasting impression on her students and a good foundation for future learning. Thanks to Miss Lynn Andrejkovics at the Fort Ann Elementary School for all that she does! View Photo

Congratulations to Ms. Sondra Smith, Guidance Counselor at the Hudson Falls High School

Ms. Smith is really focused on assisting her students in planning for their future outside of high school. During the pandemic, she has been especially helpful to students and parents to help them understand and maneuver them through a somewhat complicated college application process. Ms. Smith even helps students set up their senior schedule to make sure they take the required courses for college acceptance. She does everything she can to prepare them for success both during and after high school. Thank you, Ms. Sondra Smith, for all that you do at the Hudson Falls High School helping your students. VIEW PHOTO

Congratulations to Ms. Michaela Verdile, Kindergarten Teacher at the Cambridge Central School 

Ms. Verdile is in her first year teaching at Cambridge and has already left a positive impression on her students and their parents. You know that a teacher is doing something right when her students can't stop talking about their daily classroom experience, and that's exactly what Ms. Verdile's students do. Thank you to Ms. Michaela Verdile for being a positive role model and making learning fun for your students. You are making a difference in the Cambridge community and that's why you have been selected as this week's Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union's Teacher of the Week.

Congratulations to Ms. Renee Lavigne, Kindergarten Teacher at the Gordon Creek Elementary School in Ballston Spa

Ms. Lavigne has been an excellent teacher through all the covid interruptions for her students. When her students have been out of school, she instantly has a plan in place to make the transition to virtual learning seamless! Not only does she include virtual students with lessons, but also works to include them in the fun projects and activities the class is doing. Ms. Lavigne makes them feel a lot less isolated while they are out of the classroom. Congratulations to Ms. Renee Lavigne from all of her students and parents at the Gordon Creek Elementary School for being selected for the Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union’s Teacher of the Week! VIEW PHOTO

Congratulations to Mrs. Lynne Jenkins, Guidance Counselor at the Corinth High School

For the last 16 years, Mrs. Jenkins has helped hundreds of students not only graduate but helped them find their passion for their future. Whether it be moving on to college, joining the military, or entering the workforce, she is relentless and helping students reach their full potential. Mrs. Jenkins. Is the director of the guidance department and has served on many boards to further the profession of school counselors. She does her job with Grace and kindness that helps put students and colleagues at ease in their most difficult times. Thanks and Congratulations to Mrs. Lynne Jenkins at Corinth High School. You've been selected as the Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union "Teacher of the Week".

Congratulations to Ms. Shannon McLean, Special Education Teacher at the Hadley Luzerne Jr./Sr. High School

Miss McLean goes out of her way to help any student she can, not just her assigned students. She allows students to contact her any time day or night and will help them in any way she can. Miss McLean goes above and beyond to make sure students complete their assignments and graduate high school. Miss Shannon McLean is a huge asset to the students and staff at the Hadley Luzerne High School and we thank her by awarding her the Adirondack Broadcasting & TCT Federal Credit Union’s Teacher of the Week! VIEW PHOTO

Congratulations to Mrs. Colleen Pigliavento, Kindergarten Teacher at the Abraham Wing Elementary School in Glens Falls  

Around school, they call her Mrs. P, and she is super enthusiastic about the work she does with her students. Mrs. P loves to help her students grow outside of the classroom and has taken the time to record videos with letters and letter sounds to help parents practice with their children at home. She is always accessible both before and after school hours for parents and students to reach her with any questions. Mrs. P is driven and is truly dedicated to her work as a teacher. She is appreciated by her students and their parents and that’s why Mrs. Colleen Pigliavento, Kindergarten Teacher at The Abraham Wing Elementary School, has been selected as this week’s Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union’s Teacher of the Week! VIEW PHOTO

Congratulations to Ms. Nicole Carner, Library Media Specialist at the Greenwich Junior-Senior High School

Ms. Carner is always accommodating to those who come for books and to answer general questions.  She has worked hard to make the library media center at Greenwich High School an inviting place with study music, seasonally-themed decorations, and book displays. When it comes to the classroom, Ms. Carner’s lessons on research and independent reading are both relevant and fun. She is the school newspaper advisor, student council co-advisor, creator of the senior slide show and so much more.  Thanks to Ms. Nicole Carner at Greenwich High School for all that she does! VIEW PHOTO

Congratulations to Mrs. Sherri Slater, Environmental Conservation & Forestry Teacher at WSWHE BOCES in Hudson Falls

Mrs. Slater is a Hands-on teacher and brings out the best in her students. Since college is not a perfect fit for every student, BOCES offers students a great opportunity to learn a trade and start work right out of high school. Mrs. Slater not only helps her students learn about forestry but also about life. This past summer, past BOCES graduates got together and the success of Mrs. Slater's students made her very proud. Thanks to Mrs. Sherri Slater for all she does at the Washington Saratoga Warren Hamilton and Essex County BOCES (WSWHE) in Hudson Falls. That's why she has been selected as the Adirondack Broadcasting TCT Federal Credit Union Teacher of the Week!

Congratulations to Ms. Rachel Sung, AP Calculus Teacher at Queensbury High School

Ms. Sung is genuinely a positive person who helps her students look forward to her class in school.  For every test, she bakes something to share with her class to make them more at ease during test days. Ms. Sung goes to great lengths to help her students learn the material. Recently when one student missed a day in school, she recorded a video and notes so that the student would not fall behind. Thanks to Ms. Rachel Sung at Queensbury High School for all that she does for her students! View Photo

Congratulations to Mrs. Doraine Miller, 7th Grade Spanish Teacher at the Hudson Falls Middle School

Mrs. Miller is always kind and understanding with her students. She finds creative and fun ways to help her students learn a different language. Mrs. Miller also takes the time to work with each individual student to make sure they are learning the material in class. Her students would like to thank Mrs. Doraine Miller from the Hudson Falls Middle School for all that she does!

Congratulations to Mrs. Aimee Smith, 4th Grade Teacher at the Cambridge Elementary School

Mrs. Smith is a beloved teacher who makes her classroom a safe and fun environment, even for students who sometimes struggle in school. She always finds ways to engage her students, even when they have to learn online from home. Parents know how much Mrs. Smith really cares, from the way she connects with each individual student and meets them at their level, to her thoughtful creative assignments and classroom activities. Thank you Mrs. Smith at the Cambridge Elementary School for inspiring your students to love learning! VIEW PHOTO

Congratulations to Mrs. Mary Weeks, an Aide at the office in the Moreau Elementary School in South Glens Falls

Mrs.Weeks has been holding down the fort in the office and handling a two-person job! She makes sure all the students have exactly what they need for their day. Mrs. Weeks never hesitates to call a parent of a child just because they have forgotten something or having a tough day at school. Thank you to Mrs. Mary Weeks for all that she does for the students and staff at the Moreau Elementary School. Her passion for her job and compassion for student life is why she has been chosen as this week's Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union Teacher of the Week. Mary Weeks View Photo

Congratulations to Mrs. Lisa Tyler, 3rd-grade Teacher at Argyle Elementary School

Mrs. Tyler goes above and beyond for her students. She makes the classroom a very exciting and fun place to learn; using costumes, games, experiments, and prizes to keep her students engaged with their work.  Mrs. Tyler goes out of her way to make her students comfortable with their learning environment both in the classroom as well as during remote learning.  Thank you to Mrs. Lisa Tyler for all that she does at Argyle Elementary School. 

View Photo Lisa Tyler

Congratulations to Mrs. Georgia Gahan, Custodian at the Johnsburg Central Schools in North Creek

Georgia, as she’s known throughout the school, has been with Johnsburg Central for the past 22 years. She has played a large role in assisting the students from pre-k to high school and has gained the respect of hundreds of students over the years. Georgia is Johnsburg’s “go-to girl” for many different tasks around the school. Thanks to Mrs. Georgia Gahan at the Johnsburg Central Schools for all that she does!

Congratulations to Mr. Matthew Heath, 7th-grade Social Studies Teacher at the Hudson Falls Middle School

Mr. Heath is always very encouraging to his students and never fails to put a smile on their faces.  He makes learning social studies fun and keeps his students engaged and interested in history.  Mr. Heath uses stories and sometimes even corny jokes to make each lesson interesting and fun to learn.  Thanks again to Mr. Matthew Heath, social studies teacher at the Hudson Falls Middle School for all that he does for his students! 

View Photo Matthew Heath


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