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Teacher of the Week
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TCT recognizes the outstanding efforts of Educators in our Communities

Teachers and education professionals strengthen communities by making a difference in the lives of our children. Every week during the school year we honor local educators and school employees for their outstanding efforts thanks to your nominations. One recipient is selected each Monday morning and announced on-air. The award includes gift certificates to local businesses, a commemorative plaque, flowers, and a gift bag. Teacher of the Week is sponsored by TCT Federal Credit Union and Adirondack Broadcasting. All school employees are eligible to win! If you know of a school employee who does an extraordinary job and goes above and beyond for you or your child then we want to hear about it. 

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Congratulations Teachers of the Week!
2021-2022 School Year

Congratulations to Mrs. Mary Weeks, an Aide at the office in the Moreau Elementary School in South Glens Falls

Mrs.Weeks has been holding down the fort in the office and handling a two-person job! She makes sure all the students have exactly what they need for their day. Mrs. Weeks never hesitates to call a parent of a child just because they have forgotten something or having a tough day at school. Thank you to Mrs. Mary Weeks for all that she does for the students and staff at the Moreau Elementary School. Her passion for her job and compassion for student life is why she has been chosen as this week's Adirondack Broadcasting and TCT Federal Credit Union Teacher of the Week. 

Congratulations to Mrs. Lisa Tyler, Third-grade Teacher at Argyle Elementary School

Mrs. Tyler goes above and beyond for her students. She makes the classroom a very exciting and fun place to learn; using costumes, games, experiments, and prizes to keep her students engaged with their work.  Mrs. Tyler goes out of her way to make her students comfortable with their learning environment both in the classroom as well as during remote learning.  Thank you to Mrs. Lisa Tyler for all that she does at Argyle Elementary School.

Congratulations to Mrs. Georgia Gahan, Custodian at the Johnsburg Central Schools in North Creek

Georgia, as she’s known throughout the school, has been with Johnsburg Central for the past 22 years. She has played a large role in assisting the students from pre-k to high school and has gained the respect of hundreds of students over the years. Georgia is Johnsburg’s “go-to girl” for many different tasks around the school. Thanks to Mrs. Georgia Gahan at the Johnsburg Central Schools for all that she does!

Congratulations to Mr. Matthew Heath, 7th-grade Social Studies Teacher at the Hudson Falls Middle School

Mr. Heath is always very encouraging to his students and never fails to put a smile on their faces.  He makes learning social studies fun and keeps his students engaged and interested in history.  Mr. Heath uses stories and sometimes even corny jokes to make each lesson interesting and fun to learn.  Thanks again to Mr. Matthew Heath, social studies teacher at the Hudson Falls Middle School for all that he does for his students! 


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