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Manage your debit card from your smartphone

CardValet® App lets you turn your card on or off, set spending limits, and usage controls based on merchant type, location, and more. You can receive real-time alerts when your debit card is used or declined. Ideal for parents wishing to monitor their child's spending, and anyone wishing to ensure their debit card is being used how, where, and when they want.

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See Card Valet Quick Reference User Guide

A note about the CardValet Update: The update is available as of Sunday, May 17. Below are some questions and answers regarding the app.

Cardholder FAQs:
Q: Will the CardValet app still have full functionality without the app upgrade?
A: Yes, cardholders will not experience any delays or issues with their CardValet app. It will function as it always has on their current app version.

Q: Will I need to register for CardValet again since the app upgrade did not happen?
A: No, once the new app interface is available this month, you will be able to sign in to the app using your existing credentials, and all previously registered cards and settings will be transferred over.

Q: I have automatic updates enabled on my mobile device, does that mean I did not get the upgraded app version?
A: Correct, the app was not updated in the app stores, and therefore nothing was pushed to your device. If you have automatic updates enabled, you should receive the app once it’s updated in the app stores.

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“CardValet alerted me when my card was used at 2:00 AM while I was sleeping. I immediately turned my debit card off and was able to see where the card was used and contacted them. They reversed the charge and I am so thankful CardValet alerted me.”

— Kathryn D.

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