"Teachers of the Week"

May 22, 2017


Congratulations to this week's Educator of the Week, Mrs. Jen Baker, Preschool Teacher at the St. Mary's-St. Alphonsus Noah's Ark Program. This is Mrs. Baker's first year at Noah's Ark, and she has done an amazing job keeping all the parents up to date on their children via email, notes home and texting. She even takes pictures and sends them home with her students so parents can see all the great things they do in a day. Mrs. Baker had done a remarkable job getting her students prepared for Kindergarten and is deserving of this award!

Again, Congratulations to this weeks Educator of the Week, Mrs. Jen Baker, Preschool Teacher at the St. Mary's-St. Alphonsus Noah's Ark program!


Past Teacher of the Week Winners


May 15th - Mr. Joe Traina - Queensbury Elementary School

Mr. Traina makes each of his students feel special and loved. Recently when there was a security scare at the school and students needed to be evacuated, Mr. Traina used is superb communication skills to stay in touch with parents until the last student was safely home. Mr. Traina his students feel safe, sucure and unafraid during a hectic day at school.

May 8th - Mrs. Rebecca Sheldon - Hudson Falls Intermediate School

Mrs. Sheldon is a real advocate for her students. When she sees students who are struggling with their work, she steps into setup a program that would work best for that individual student. Mrs. Sheldon knows how to push her students so they reach their best results.

May 1st - Mrs. Denise Nolan - Kensington Road Elementary School

Mrs. Nolan is kind, patient, caring, nurturing and has all of the characteristics needed to be an amazing Kindergarten teacher. her door is always open to parents so that they can come in and be a part of the classroom on any day. Mrs. Nolan genuinely cares about every child and family that she works with.

April 24th - Ms. Jessica Lourie - Greenwich High School

Ms. Lourie is the Algebra 2-Trigonometry Teacher at Greenwich and no matter what skill level her students have with math, she is always trying to help her students. Whether after school or in class, she consistently is involved with her students and makes them feel comfortable while tackling the difficult class material. Thanks to Ms. Lourie for all of her extra efforts!

April 17th - Mrs. Laura Leblanc - Sunshine Nursery School Cambridge

"Miss Laura" makes her students feel comfortable and gets them ready to attend the "BIG" school in Kindergarten. She is a wonderful source of nourishment and teaching with the younger kids and helps them build the foundation needed for a lifetime of learning.

April 10th - Mrs. Theresa Galusha - Minerva Central Schools

Mrs. Galusha has been teaching at Minerva for 37 years and has touched the lives of many students over the years. She is a dedicated educator and is known to tutor students after the school day has ended. Mrs. Galusha is caring, compassionate and excellent at her job and for all of her efforts she is our teacher of the week.

April 3rd - Mrs. Jocelyn Lawrence - Hudson Falls Intermediate School

Mrs. Lawrence is an upbeat, enthusiastic and supportive teacher. She is constantly challenging her students while keeping their spirits high. A recent storm made the scheduled parent-teacher conferences difficult, so Mrs. Lawrence scheduled phone conferences on that snow day to make it more convenient for parents.

March 27th - Mrs. Christina Howe - Lake George Junior-Senior high School

Mrs. Howe makes review games for every subject so that all the students have access to extra review materials. She also holds review classes after school for any student who wants to attend. Mrs. Howe also collects donated formal dresses for girls who needs them to attend homecoming or the prom. Mrs. Howe truly makes a difference at Lake George Junior-Senior High School!

March 20th - Mrs. Susan Ostrander - Stuart M. Townsend Elementary School

Students in Mrs. Ostrander's class enjoy cozy fireside stories in the wintertime on her smart-board and disco dance parties for answering questions correctly. She also assigns fun book report projects and hand knits each of her students their own unique hat for Christmas.

March 13th - Mr. Daniel Hull - Bolton Central Schools

Mr. Hull is always cheerful and positive with all the students. He has a way of teaching Math that the students not only understand...but retain the information. Mr. Hull comes in early, stays late and gives up lunch and free periods to help any students who needs extra help in Math.

March 6th - Miss Lynn Andrejkovics - Fort Ann Elementary School

Miss "A" gives her students tremendous support and makes them feel comfortable as possible in her classroom. She is always creating fun activities for her students to do while learning. Miss "A" also includes the parents of her students in the classroom as much as possible. Both her students and parents appreciate all her efforts.

February 27th - Mr. Mark Canderzyden - Hudson Falls Middle School

Mr. Vanderzyden loves to go to school everyday and interact with his students. He makes school work fun by playing basketball if his students get the correct answers. Mr. Vanderzyden likes to joke around with his students and overall makes learning Social Studies fun and interesting.

February 20th - Mr. William Elder - Lake George Senior High School

Mr. Elder is famous for Quoting his "Elder Truisms"...and one that his student's like is "Life is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer to the end, the faster it goes". Mr. Elder does the afternoon announcements at Lake George High School and every time he says, "It's FRIIIIIDAY" you can hear laughter all the way up the hallway.

February 13th - Mr. Martin Gregoire - South Glens Falls High School

Mr. Gregorire is a very helpful and supportive teacher. He works constantly to get the best out of every student and knows how to explain things by relating it to something the student knows well. Mr. Gregoire is also very good at helping his students feel better about any personal issues they may have. Thank to Mr. Gregoire for all his extra efforts!

February 6th - Mrs. Amy Weed - Schuylerville Elementary School

Mrs. Weed is always positive and loves to do fun things in her class. When her students are struggling with their work, she always puts in the extra effort to help them in any way. Both her students and their parents appreciate how Mrs. Weed goes above and beyond every day.

January 30th - Mrs. Kelli Moore - William H. Barton Intermediate School

Mrs. Moore makes learning fun because she is always so happy. She calls parents at home to update them on their child's progress in class. At the end of each week, she lets her students participate in a special raffle. Mrs. Moore is organized, observant and nurturing.

January 23rd - Mrs. Lisa Birchmore - Granville Jr-Sr High School

Mrs. Birchmore has a true passion for teaching and is extremely dedicated to her students. She started the Junior High School Robotics Club where she helped students build their own robots and took them to Rochester and Syracuse to compete. Mrs. Birchmore encourages her students to think out of the box and allows them to have fun and use their imagination.

January 16th - Mr. William Hogan - Hudson Falls Middle School

Mr. Hogan is a great Math Teacher because he takes his time with every student to make certain they understand how to do the work. He is also very funny and makes learning Math fun, which sometimes is not easy to do. Mr. Hogan makes sure his students can get extra help after school if they need it.

January 9th - Mrs. Laura Pisani - Moreau Elementary School

Mrs. Pisani's students like her because she is nice and when someone is upset, she always finds a way to make them feel better. Mrs. Pisani is great at finding fun and educational activities for her class to do.

January 2nd - Ms. Andrea Palmer, Hadley-Luzerne Junior-Senior High School

Ms. Palmer often takes time out of her busy day to help students one-on-one. Recently Ms. Palmer has been helping a special needs student with their pottery skills. She is also a Soccer Coach at Hadley-Luzerne and for all she does we are thankful.

December 26th - Miss Lisa Ciampa, Greenwich High School.

Miss Ciampa is an amazing teacher with a great sense of humor. She makes learning fun and always shares a laugh with her students. When her students are stressed over work, she always finds a way to help them relax.

December 19th - Mrs. Dorothea Casey, Tanglewood Elementary School

Mrs. Casey has been teaching music for 30 years and whether it is singing or playing instruments, she's done it all! She does a great job instilling the love of music in all of her students and goes out of her way to help them learn all about music. Many thanks to Mrs. Dorthea Casey!

December 12th - Mrs. Nichole Jerzak - Jackson Heights Elementary School

Mrs. Jerzak is a wonderful teacher who works hard to teach academics, but also encourages her students to give back. This holiday season she is helping her students run a fundraiser for the Make A Wish Foundation. Mrs. Jerzak is an excellent role model for her students.

December 5th - Mrs. Amy Maxwell - Salem Central School

Mrs. Maxwell likes to give her students mini projects in her class that are fun to do and help them learn something along the way. In addition to her teaching duties, she is also the FFA and Junior FFA advisor in Salem. Mrs. Maxwell puts in a lot of extra time to plan out and attend field trips that her students love.

November 28th - Mrs. Jonelle Bacon - Warrensburg Elementary School

Mrs. Bacon is not only a School Nurse, but is also an ER Nurse, so her medical knowledge helps gives parents piece of mind. She is able to assess a situation with a students quickly and provide parents with accurate information. Mrs. Bacon understands the parents need to know that their children are safe when they have to go to the school nurse.

November 21st - Miss Alicia Collier - The Oliver W. Winch Middle School

Miss Collier offers her students a lot of extra help with their Math both after school and during their lunch period. She realizes that Math can be difficult at times but helps her students to reach their individual potential. Miss Collier also coaches the South Glens Falls Varsity Girls Volleyball Team. Thanks to Miss Alicia Collier for all her extra efforts!

November 14th - Mr. James Campbell - Cambridge Elementary School

Mr. Campbell is a good teacher because he is always willing to help his students with their homework. He has a great sense of humor and makes learning fun by making everything sound exciting. Mr. Campbell encourages his students to never give up because he knows you can do it.

November 7th - Mrs. Alanna Powers - Fort Ann Elementary School

Mrs. Powers is always working hard to find new and exciting ways to keep her students engaged in their lessons. She is extremely dedicated to her class and she truly creates a fun learning environment for her students. Her students and their parents feel lucky to have Mrs. Alanna Powers as a Teacher at Fort Ann Elementary School.

October 31st - Mrs. Jody Pratt - Abraham Wing Elementary School

Mrs. Pratt is a dedicated teacher, but does so much more. She is the head of the PTA, runs student government and the school store. Mrs. Pratt also is instrumental with the Abraham Wing Student Talent Show and School Fair. She is an amazing teacher and really cares about he children and school. Thanks Mrs. Pratt for all you do!

October 24th - Miss Beth Ellis - Argyle Central Schools

Miss Ellis has had tremendous success working with her students and has helped them make huge strides socially, academically and personally. She works with students of various ages and has to develop specific lesson plans for all of them. Miss Ellis also coaches the Argyle JV Volleyball team.

October 17th - Mrs. Tina Bureau - William H. Barton Intermediate School

Mrs. Bureau always finds a way to make her students smile. She makes learning fun and likes to surprise her class from time to time to keep their attention. Mrs. Bureau teaches her students to be fluent in their reading and writing and inspires them to always work hard. Thank you Mrs. Tina Bureau for being a great teacher!

October 10th - Mr. Andrew Warning - Corinth Middle School

Mr. Waring not only teaches Art, he works on the stage design for the school plays, creates art after school with students, coaches and above all else is always available for 1 to 1 mentoring for students who need just a little more attention. He is always smiling and looking out for his students and for all he does, we're proud to make Mr. Andrew Waring this weeks Teacher of the Week.

October 3rd - Ms. Vicki Perkins - Salem Central Schools

Ms. Perkins has been so much more than a great English Teacher at Salem for over 30 years...she helps the seniors organize their graduation and the Juniors organize the 11th Grade prom every year. All the students and the staff at Salem Central Schools appreciates the extra work that Mrs. Perkins puts in for the school and her students.

September 26th - Mrs. Trisha Crandall - Argyle Central School

Mrs. Crandall does a great job engaging her students and has a lot of fun with them. She works well with the parents to help facilitate active learning, both in the classroom and at home. The Argyle community appreciates all that Mrs. Crandall does to help her students.

September 19th - Mr. Michael Springer - Queensbury Elementary School

Mr. Springer is really good at welcoming the new students coming into kindergarten in September. He does a great job assimilating the boys and girls in their school routine. Mr. Springer is very communicative and has a fun, but firm approach... which is necessary for his young students.





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