"Teachers of the Week"

June 8, 2015


Congratulations to this week's Educator of the Week, Ms. Karey Wantuch (juan-tok), 3rd Grade Teacher at the Stillwater Elementary School. Ms. Wantuch has created a fun classroom that her students enjoy learning in. She goes out of her way to make each student feel special and comes up with creative ways to teach each lesson.

Again, Congratulations to this weeks Educator of the Week, Mrs. Karey Wantuch, 3rd Grade Teacher at the Stillwater Elementary School.


Past Teacher of the Week Winners


    Mrs. Tera Nadi
South Glens Falls High School
June 1st Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Nadi puts in a lot of extra hours each week for her students. This year she organized an exchange program where 13 students from France came to the U.S. in the fall and 10 students from South High went to France for Spring break. She helped with fundraisers and events to make this happen.
Mr. Greg Verheyn
Queensbury Middle and High School
May 25th Teacher of the Week

In the past five years, Mr. Verheyn has established two new string ensembles, earned two gold ratings in statewide competition and has instilled a passion for music within his students. He has inspired the Queensbury Music program to grow and expand.
Mrs. Dena Marie De La Rocha
Gowana Middle School Clifton Park
May 18th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. De La Rocha is great at getting her students excited about writing and reading. Her efforts help the students blossom into creative thinkers and writers.
Mrs. Stacey Walz
Wood Road Elementary in Ballston Spa
May 11th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Walz teaches with a big heart and her love of reading, writing and learning is reflected in each of her students academic progress. She sets up a strong foundation for them to move into 1st grade and beyond.
Mrs. Terry Hoffman
Corinth Middle School
May 4th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Hoffman will be retiring this year and she has served the Corinth community for over 20 years with the perfect balance of kindness for all students, professionalism with colleagues and compassion for parents.
Mrs. Debra Varsames
North Warren High School
April 27th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Varsames is always in early in the morning to help students with work and stays after school lets out as well. She pushes her students to achieve academic excellence, and above being a great teacher, she is a truly caring, loving person.
Mrs. Lisa Nelson
Ballard Road Elementary School
April 20th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Nelson goes the extra mile to help her students and little things like taking individual, personalized pictures on field trips and sending them to parents. Mrs. Nelson helps create a strong foundation for all her kindergarten students.
Chef Linda Himelrick
SUNY Adirondack Culinary Program
April 13th Teacher of the Week

Chef Linda is excellent at explaning what is happening in the baking process. She helps herstudents understand the course materials and is 100% dedicated to their success.
Ms. Stacey Anderson
Queensbury Elementary School
April 6th Teacher of the Week

It take a very special person to be a special education teacher and Ms. Anderson is so patient with her students and exceptional at keeping an open dialogue between her and the parents.
Ms. Colleen Hagadorn
South Glens Falls High School
March 30th Teacher of the Week

Ms. Hagadorn is invested in her students not just passing her class, but understanding the curriculum that she teaches. She often stays after school to allow students to correct labs and review and re-take tests.
Mrs. Lisa Higley
William H. Barton Intermediate School
March 23rd Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Higley has proven that it doesn't matter if a student has disabilities, they can accomplish great things. She is so supportive of her students in many way and her dedication and attentiveness is appreciated by their parents.
Mr. Philip Fuller
Corinth Elementary School
March 9th Teacher of the Week

Mr. Fuller really knows how to make Math an Reading fun. Students work hard in his class to earn a super star, and after earning 5 stars they get a little prize. Mr. Fuller motivates his students to love learning and the parents really appreciate his extra efforts.
Mr. John Nevins
Greenwich High School
March 2nd Teacher of the Week

Mr. Nevins likes to introduce his students to literature and writing skills they never imagined learning about. His students describe him as funny, interesting and inspiring...and always helping them get the best scores they can.
Mrs. Laurie Ciuffetelli
The Oliver Winch Middle School
February 23rd Teacher of the Week

 Mrs. Ciuffetelli helps her students become more confident with Math and always offers the extra help when they need it.  Even students who have struggled with Math in the past, understand it much better thanks to the help Mrs. Ciuffetelli provides.
Mr. Tom Sliva
Hudson Falls Middle School
February 16th Teacher of the Week

Mr. Sliva's sense of humor keeps his students focused and makes learning fun. He is always introducing new books for students to read and helps them become more responsible for their work.
Mr. James Delancey
Hudson Falls High School
February 9th Teacher of the Week

Mr. Delancey always pushes his students to do their best and his door is always open for students to go in and get help. His students know that they can depend on him for realistic advice for whatever issue they are facing.
Ms. Patty Savin
Jackson Heights Elementary School
February 2nd Teacher of the Week

Ms. Savin is great with all of her students and gets them to enjoy learning. She really enjoys teaching and it shows with all her extra efforts every day.
Mrs. Kristin Suprenant
Fort Edward Elementary School
January 26th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Suprenant makes the extra efforts to make sure her students enjoy learning and understand everything they need to. She takes the time to contact parents to discuss concerns or special needs of their child.
Mrs. Mary Meachem
Queensbury Elementary School
January 19th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Meachem is a devoted and experienced teacher, who brings her own passion for reading, science and learning to her classroom. She goes out of her way to engage and challenge all of her students, making sure they understand the material being taught.
Mrs. Louise Herald
Sanford Street Boces School
January 12th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Herald is very understanding, patient and kind when it comes to each one of her students. She is also excellent in communicating with parents on how each student is doing academically. 
Mrs. Mechelle Barden
Tanglewood Elementary School
January 5th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Barden is a warm and caring teacher who gives 100% everyday to help her students learn. She loves to read to the children and is great with the students who need a little extra help with their reading comprehension.
Mrs. Jessica Bartlett
North Warren Central School
December 29th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Bartlett teaches her students life skills which will help them beyond high school. She goes above and beyond for her students and always works hard to help them be successful in school.
Mr. David Snyder
Stuart M. Townsend Middle School
December 22nd Teacher of the Week

Mr. Snyder does a great job of making social studies fun and interesting for his students. All of his students are excited for Mr. Snyder and this award.
Ms. Marissa Riggi
Hudson Falls Schools
December 15th Teacher of the Week

Ms. Riggi is not only an outstanding Spanish Teacher, but she has the character, values, dedication and compassion that makes a profound impact on her students. She takes the time to make phone calls to parents to update them on their child's progress and is excited to share in their success.
Ms. Rebecca Harke
Hartford Central Schools
December 8th Teacher of the Week

Ms. Harke really takes the time to make sure her students understand all of their material and isn't afraid to stay late to help even more.  She also volunteers her free time to chaperone school field trips and dances.
Mrs. Cathy Kilby
Granville Junior-Senior High School
December 1st Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Kilby is an amazing Math teacher and really knows how to motivate her students. She also coaches Field Hockey, Bowling and Softball at Granville High School.
Mrs. Robin Bristol
Greenwich Central Schools
November 24th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Bristol stays at the school everyday after classes to work on maximizing the time with her students the next day. She does an excellent job communicating with parents so they know exactly how their child is doing in her class.
Mr. Michael White
Cambridge Junior-Senior High School
November 17th Teacher of the Week

Mr. White is excellent at identifying and nurturing his students individual strengths. He encourages his students to explore their personal interests through individualized projects and takes and interest in the future success of his students.
Mrs. Michele Bromley
Granville Junior-Senior High School
November 10th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Bromley is dedicated to helping her students earn the best grades possible. She holds review classes after school around the time of the regents exams and is also the 2016 class advisor.
Mrs. Tiffany Wendel
Fort Edward Elementary
November 3rd Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Wendel is a very dedicated teacher often staying up late to prep for the next days classes and going to school on her day off to work on projects. She works hard to provide every student a quality educational experience in her classroom. Her students and parents appreciate all of Mrs. Wendel's extra efforts.
Mr. Dan Ladd
Harrison Avenue Elementary School
October 27th Teacher of the Week

Mr. Ladd is famous in school for giving the students "High Fives" when he sees them in the hall. He is always energetic, positive and loves to make the kids smile through their day. Mr. Ladd does a great job at Harrison Avenue Elementary school, parents and staff members appreciate his extra efforts.
Mr. Tim Paris
Hudson Falls Intermediate School
October 20th Teacher of the Week

Mr. Paris always has fun and interesting ways to teach his students. He has found ways to keep his students focused on their lessons during class and they appreciate all of his extra efforts.
Mrs. Theresa Wilcox
Warrensburg Junior-Senior High School
October 13th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Wilcox is always finding the time to help her students and creates a fun atmosphere in her classroom. She is retiring after this year and Mrs. Wilcox will be missed by everyone at the Warrensburg Junior-Senior High School.
Mrs. Jamie Metivier
Tanglewood Elementary School
October 6th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Metivier shares her passion for reading with her students.  She has started many fund raising programs in the school to grow the reading program and makes a real difference with her students reading progress.
Mr. Jeremy Bouteiller
Glens Falls Middle & High Schools
September 29th Teacher of the Week

Mr. Bouteiller recently moved up from the Elementary Schools and the fun and motivating way he teachers music is appreciated by students and parents alike. He is always willing to meet with students before or after school to help them prepare for special performances.
Mrs. Jennifer Cornell
Lake George Junior-Senior High School
September 22nd Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Cornell has so many creative ways to teach her lessons. She makes Spanish class fun and exciting and is always willing to give her students extra help when they need it.
Mrs. Sharon Farrell
Hudson Falls High School
September 15th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Farrell makes reading and writing fun, and she helps to make the story jump off the page. She is excellent at keeping her students engaged in the classroom and she always takes the time to help her students.

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