"Teachers of the Week"

April 25, 2016


Congratulations to this week's Educator of the Week, Mr. Joe Porto, Physics Teacher at Queensbury High School. Mr. Porto always finds a way to engage his class with his wild and crazy sense of humor. He makes learning fun while still teaching the topic. Mr. Porto has an amazing passion for teaching Physics and he passes down his interest in Physics to his students. Mr. Porto is also the modified swim coach at Queensbury.

Again, Congratulations to this weeks Educator of the Week, Mr. Joe Porto, Physics Teacher at Queensbury High School.


Past Teacher of the Week Winners


Ms. Nadia Maroune
Big Cross Elementary School
September 21st Teacher of the Week

Over the summer Ms. Maroune has her students come in and help prepare their classroom for a new school year.  Her students started school this year excited to learn in the classroom they helped with.
Mrs. Denise Haraugthy
Hadley-Luzurne High School
September 28th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Haraughty is in charge of the school to work program and helps students learn important job and life skills by placing them at community based job sites. She also helps students get summer jobs and encourages community involvement.
Mrs. Kathy Arcuri
St. Mary's-St. Alphonsus Regional Catholic School
October 5th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Arcuri has been an amazing and caring teacher at SMSA for over 25 years. Her efforts over the years have helped students receive a great foundation for all their school years to follow.
Mrs. Michelle Greco
Gordon Creek Elementary School
October 12th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Greco is the perfect teacher, with lots of enthusiasm and patience with her students. She calls her students "Greco Go-Getters" and instills a love of learning for everyone in her class.
Mrs. Shannon McKeighan
Glens Falls High School
October 19th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. McKeighan loves to use technology to make Spanish class fun. She also puts endless energy into helping students with the "red and Black Gives Back" Volunteer matching effort.  That's the program where students can sign up for volunteer opportunities around the region.
Mrs. Amanda Thouin
Milton Terrace Elementary School
October 26th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Thouin is an incredible educator and her passion for teaching is evident every day. She also encourages her students to make good behavior choices and motivates them to continue their learning outside of the classroom.
Mrs. Dianna Collura
Corinth Elementary School
November 2nd Teacher of the Week

 Mrs. Collura does a fantastic job in keeping the parents of her students updated on their progress and always is careful to provide extra attention to her students who need it.
Mr. Andrew Capone
Hartford Central Schools
November 9th Teacher of the Week

Mr. Capone has many duties including Athletic Director, Elementary school Phys-ed and Health Teacher. He does a great job to support all of the Hartford sports teams and their accomplishments, and promotes the positive actions of the student athletes. He is highly respected among his students.
Miss Patty Sue Morrison
Fort Ann Central Schools
November 16th Teacher of the Week

Miss Morrison is a teacher who pushes her students to their highest capabilities. She always helps her students better prepare themselves for college and has a real passion for teaching English. All of her students really appreciate her extra efforts.
Mr. Patrick Cronin
Oliver W. Winch Middle School
November 23rd Teacher of the Week

Mr. Cronin is very energetic and entertaining while he is teaching.  He gives his students plenty of time and help to finish the work they need to do. His students appreciate his fun approach to teaching and think he deserves to be a Teacher of the Week.
Mrs. Allyson Iovinella
Ballston Spa Middle School
November 30th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Iovinella models an over-the-top level of dedication to her students. Even when a brief medical leave got her out of the classroom recently, she continued to maintain strong connections to her students during that time.  Mrs. Iovinella works hard to ensure the students have the support they need to succeed and encourages them to do their best.
Mrs. Karen Carayiannis
Moreau Elementary School
December 7th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Carayiannis pays extra attention to each individual student in her classroom to make sure they understand each lesson being taught. The parents of her students really appreciate that she works as hard for them and they do.
Ms. Tricia Stewart
Hartford Central Schools
December 21st Teacher of the Week

Ms. Stewart makes learning fun and easy. She teaches real world skills in her fun agriculture classes. She is also the advisor of the Hartford yearbook and FFA Chapter. Recently Ms. Stewart took a group of students on a 30 hour road trip to Louisville Kentucky for the National FFA Convention.
Mrs. Debra Varsames
North Warren High School
December 28th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Varsames always goes out of her way to help her students and they look forward to going to her class everyday. She even helps her students-athletes wrap their ankles for games.
Mrs. Suzanne Anselment
Big Cross Elementary School
January 4th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Anselment always goes above and beyond to help her students succeed. She comes up with solutions to bring out the best in each student and does an excellent job in communicating with parents about their progress. Mrs. Anselment does a great job keeping students and parents actively involved in her classroom.
Miss Cara Pilch
Granville Elementary School
January 11th Teacher of the Week

Miss Pilch makes learning fun for her students. She has events called "perfect parties" when her class receives compliments or do really well on difficult tests. Miss Pilch is always willing to stay after school to help her students when they need it.
Mr. Nicholas Henderson
William H. Barton Intermediate School
January 18th Teacher of the Week

Mr. Henderson is known for his crazy dances and his ability to add humor to all of the lessons that he teaches. His compassion for the teaching is evident the second you walk into his classroom and he really works at paying attention to his student's needs.
Ms. Kate Becker
Granville Junior-Senior High School
January 25th Teacher of the Week

Ms. Becker is a role model for her students and motivates them to be the best possible student and person they can be.  The class of 2016 at Granville High School can't thank her enough for everything she has done for them over the last four years.
Ms. Christina Bresnahan
Moreau Elementary School
February 1st Teacher of the Week

Ms. Bresnahan really cares for each of her students. Recently she helped one of her students compose a letter dedicated to his deceased brother. Not an easy task for a 2nd grader, but Ms. Bresnahan showed a tremendous amount of compassion and it was truly appreciated by her student and his parents.
Mrs. Susan Williams
Jackson Heights Elementary School
February 8th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Williams love of teaching is very apparent with her well planned out activities with her students. She helps her students learn a new letter every week and on Fridays the students get to bring an item for show and tell that starts with that week's letter.  Mrs. Williams communicates well with parents with a newsletter and photos of her students.
Mrs. Alissa McDonald
Harrison Avenue Elementary School
February 15th Teacher of the Week

Every Friday, Mrs. McDonald does an activity called figure it out Friday, where she has each table of students figure out a tricky Math problem. The first table to get it right is rewarded. Her lessons also include fun games like Jeopardy and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.
Mrs. Paula Bourgeois
Salem Elementary School
February 22nd Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Bourgeois is amazing with her students, going above and beyond to help with any of their needs.  She often sits down one-on-one with her students that may be struggling with a specific lesson, just to make sure they understand the material. Mrs. Bourgeois also does a great job communicating with parents and keeping them updated on the progress of their children.
Mrs. Alyssa Verheyn
William H Barton Intermediate School & Queensbury Middle School
February 29th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Verheyn is a skilled teacher and chooses exciting music for her students to learn. She also runs the Queensbury Middle School Fiddle Club, where students can play pop songs and learn from more experienced students. Mrs. Verheyn always makes rehearsals enjoyable and encourages her students every day.
Mrs. Kristine Perryman
Minerva Central Schools
March 7th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Perryman has worked at Minerva Central Schools for 47 Years and is a brilliant teacher. She always pushes her students to do their best and stays after school for students who need extra help.
Mrs. Toni Sommo
 Hudson Falls High School
March 14th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Sommo has taught Grades 9 through 12 for 31 years and is retiring at the end of the school year. She has always helped her students achieve greatness, never turning down extra study time with them including having lunch with her students to help them with their work.  Mrs. Sommo is an amazing teacher, person and friend to all of her students.
Mr. Carl Flint
 Cambridge Central Schools
March 21st Teacher of the Week

 Mr. Flint does a lot of Scientific experiments in his class that his students find interesting. He loves teaching and is always available to help students with their homework or if they simply need someone to talk to.
Mrs. Keri Lyn Walsh
South Glens Falls High School
March 28th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Walsh takes the time to understand her students and their unique situations and abilities. She is always thinking out of the box for ways to connect with her students on a higher level. Mrs. Walsh creates an environment in her class so her students can achieve their specific goals.
Mrs. Sherri Slater
 Washington Saratoga Warren Hamilton Essex BOCES
April 4th Teacher of the Week

 Mrs. Slater treats her students like family and supports each one of them in their educational goals. She goes out of her way to help her students with their class work and has a positive impact on their learning.
Mrs. Anna Baker
Harrison Avenue Elementary School
April 11th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Baker keeps learning interesting and creative for her students. She takes each child's individual learning abilities into consideration while teaching and is always there to answer parents questions and concerns. Mrs. Baker has a real passion for teaching and everyone is thankful to have her at the Harrison Avenue Elementary School.
Mrs. Kathy Zanoni
Argyle Central School
April 18th Teacher of the Week

Mrs. Zanoni comes up with fun ways for her students to learn. She does two games in her classroom called "Think Fast" and "Social Studies-Math Basketball", both of which help students learn in a creative way. Mrs. Zanoni also encourages her students things outside of school such as sports and musical activities.


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