Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Please Accept $3,000 of AD&D Insurance At No Cost To You:

As one way of saying "Thank you" for being a member, we have made arrangements with American General Assurance Company to provide you with $3,000 of Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance at no cost to you.  This is 24 hour protection, and we pay the premiums.


What do I need to do?

To receive the $3,000 basic coverage all you need to do is contact us and ask for an enrollment form.  Just sign up, no medical qualifications exist.


Can I get additional coverage beyond the basic $3,000?

Absolutely, you may purchase up to $250,000 of optional protection at affordable group rates, and no medical questions are asked.

Summary of Insurance Provisions

Up to $250,000 of Additional Accidental Death & Dismemberment Coverage

All members who are 18 or older, their spouses and the member' unmarried dependent children are eligible for coverage.  Dependent children are defined (subject to state variations) as those up to age 21 or 25 if full-time students and primarily dependent upon the member for support.  (on joint accounts, the Primary Insured Member must sign the Activation form.)


Guaranteed Acceptance

Every eligible member will be accepted for this coverage-- regardless of health or occupation.  No physical examination is necessary and there are no health questions to answer.



  • The benefits provided under this plan are indicated in the schedule below.  These benefits are payable in the event of a covered loss occurring as a direct result of an accidental bodily injury while insured under this plan, provided that the loss occurs within one year of the date of the accident.  Benefits reduce 50% when insured attains age 70 or older.
  • Basic $3,000 plus the additional Principal Sum (full amount of benefit) amount selected will be paid for loss of: Life, Any combination of one hand or foot and sight of one eye, Both hands or both feet, Sight of both eyes, Speech and hearing, One hand and one foot.
  • Basic $1,500 plus one-half of the additional Principal Sum amount selected will be paid for loss of: Sight of one eye, One hand or one foot, Speech or Hearing in both ears.
  • Basic $750 plus one-quarter of the additional Principal Sum amount selected will be paid for loss of: Thumb and index finger of either hand.
  • Basic amount not applicable to dependents.
  • If an insured sustains Quadriplegia, Paraplegia or Hemiplegia within 365 days of a covered accident we will pay for the following: Quadriplegia - the principal sum, Paraplegia - three quarters of the principal sum, Hemiplegia - one half of the principal sum.  Maximum benefit shall not exceed the principal sum.  Not applicable to the Basic Coverage.


Additional Benefits


  1. Escalator Benefit  If a Principal Sum is payable for your, the plan will also pay an inflation adjustment in addition to the AD&D Benefit Amount.  This benefit is determined by multiplying the covered person's Principal Sum by 5% for every two years of continuous coverage he or she has under the policy to a maximum of ten years and subject to a maximum increase of 25%.  If you add to coverage, this benefit will be applied separately to each additional amount you applied for.  If you reduce your coverage, any amount that was increased will be reduced proportionately. Benefit amounts for covered dependents will not be increased.
  2. Seat Belt Benefit  If a Principal Sum is payable because of you or your covered dependent's death, the plan will pay an additional benefit of 10% of the deceased person's AD&D Benefit Amount of $10,000 if injury occurred: while a passenger in or the licensed operator of a registered automobile; and while wearing a properly fastened Seat Belt, as verified in the police accident report.
  3. Spouse Retraining Benefit  If you suffer Loss of Life, and you select the Family Plan, we will provide benefits to your spouse if they enroll in an institution of higher learning.  The amount of this benefit will be equal to the lesser of 1% of your full benefit or $3,000.  If you do not have a spouse, we will pay a lump sum of .15% of your full benefit to your beneficiary.
  4. Education Benefit  If your children are covered under this plan and an AD&D Benefit is payable because of your death or your spouses death, the plan will pay an Education Benefit to each of your eligible dependent children who qualifies (see your Certificate of Insurance for details).  The Education Benefit will be equal to the lesser of 2% of your Principal Sum or $5,000.  This benefit is payable every year in which an eligible dependent child meets the qualifications for up to four consecutive years, provided the dependent child submits proof of his or her student status each year.  If an Education Benefit would be payable, but no person qualifies as a student, the plan will pay a lump sum of 2% of your benefit amount to your beneficiary.
  5. Rehabilitation Benefit  If you suffer a loss other than loss of life and a benefit under the Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit is payable the plan will pay the lesser of: the expense incurred for rehabilitative training ,or $5,000.  Please refer to your Certificate of Insurance for benefit details including limitations and terms of coverage.