Ambassador Program

What is an Ambassador?

  • A special member who has agreed to be the credit union advocate in their school or work area.

Responsibilities of an Ambassador

  • Key contact for members and potential members seeking information about credit union membership, products and services.
  • Distribute promotional literature and display posters for special credit union promotions

Benefits of being an Ambassador

  • A special gift

  • Complimentary ticket to the credit union Annual Meeting and Dinner

What support will the credit union provide?

  • A periodic newsletter designed to assist in conveying our message to current and prospective members about credit union products and services.
  • Posters, announcements and payroll stuffers that can be used for current and potential members.
  • Product brochures and New Member packets

Time Commitment

  • 10-15 minutes every two to three months
  • Ambassador will be invited to participate in the Teacher of the Week "100.3 The Point" presentation if presented to a teacher in their school.


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