Bill Pay FAQ's

What can online bill payment do for me?

Your credit union is proud to be able to offer an online bill payment system that allows you to pay anyone, anywhere, at any time.  From a utility company to a babysitter.


What if who I want to pay cannot accept an electronic payment?

That's okay, a paper check will be mailed to them.


How often can I pay bills?

You can pay a one-time bill, or pay bills that reoccur.


I can make many electronic payments now, why use TCT's bill pay system?

One of the fastest growing crimes is identity theft.  With TCT's bill payment system, there is no need to give your personal information to strangers.  You have already trusted us with your information.  Say for example, you join a health club, and they collect your personal information in order to receive payment electronically.  How can you be sure that your information will be safe?  TCT is regulated by the federal government, that health club may not be.


How complicated is it to use?

Just add your payees and determine when and how much you want to pay them.  You can see your payment history, and pending payments.  View a demo here.


What fee's are associated with Bill Pay? 

  • Inactive Bill Payment Fee: Our Bill Payment service is free providing you pay at least one bill per month, you authorize us to deduct from your funding account an Inactive Bill Pay Service Fee each month you do not pay at least one bill within that period.

  • Termination: Bill Payment Services will be terminated if the service is inactive for a period of ninety consecutive days.

  • Important Note: All fees associated to our Electronic Banking Services are identified on the current Schedule of Fees.

Sounds Good, How do I get started?

Just contact any of our branch offices, and we will be happy to be of service to you.  You will need to have your TCT account number and check book available.  We will set up your personal Bill Pay account, and you will have your User Name and PIN# in hand when you leave, so you can get started as soon as you'd like.




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