Membership Advantages

TCT Advantages Bank
  • TCT is not-for-profit and tis main purpose is to serve its members. Member owned since 1959.
  • The money we make goes to lowering lending rates, keeping fees to a minimum, and investing back into services.
  • Local - easy to make decisions, quicker to serve.
  • Non-Commissioned Loan Officers
  • Personal touch, we try to know our members by name.
  • Our Board of Directors are volunteers.
  • Has never been merged into another financial institution.
  • Main purpose is to generate profits.
  • Owned by its shareholders
  • The money that a bank makes goes to benefit its shareholders
  • Heavy Fees
  • In many cases, worldwide
  • Commissioned Loan Officers
  • Paid Board of Directors
  • Frequent mergers, constant name changes

Non-commissioned Loan Officers

Sales commissions put the best interest of the salesperson ahead of the consumer.  Many banks and other credit unions have commissioned based loan officers.  TCT believes the best interest of our members should come first.  Non-commissioned loan officers, just another reason to choose TCT for all your loan needs.



TCT is not for profit, this gives us the ability to provide the best service possible, and not having to worry about making a profit for our shareholders as the top priority.  Having a not-for-profit structure gives us a huge advantage over profit driven banks.


Reduced Fees:

TCT keeps fees to a minimum.  Banks, and even other credit unions see the opportunity of making money by charging fees.  TCT believes that charging excessive fees is not the way to treat our members.  TCT's main focus is to provide services to the people who use us, not to make money.



TCT is local to where our members are.  Being a smaller institution gives us the advantage of making decisions easier, and responding to the needs of our members quicker.  We don't have layers and layers of management levels to bog us down.  We are part of the communities that we serve.  Being local gives us a better feel to what our members need, and helps us provide the high level of service they deserve.  Being local, another TCT advantage.


No Automated Phone System:

Ever place a call where some automated system tell you to press "1" for this , or "2" for that?  That is not our idea of member service.  We believe that when you call us, you would rather speak with a person directly rather than a machine.  We do not have an automated phone answering system.  When you call one of our offices, instead of hearing "Press 1 for this or Press 2 for that," you will hear "Thank you for calling TCT, how may I help you?"  At your credit union, people are worth more than money.


Volunteer Board of Directors:

TCT Federal Credit Union's Board of Directors are volunteers.  They devote their time because they believe in the philosophy of credit unions and serving members.  In a nutshell, they believe in what TCT is all about.  Banks have highly paid Board of Directors.  Volunteer Board of Directors is just another example why TCT is a better choice for personal financial services.


Full Service! TCT Offers A Wide Variety Of Quality Financial Services such as:

Loans: First Mortgages, Home Equity, Auto, Boat, RV, Motorcycle, Education, Personal.

Savings: Regular share saving accounts, Club accounts, Money Markets, Share Certificates, IRA's.

Checking: No-Fee checking accounts, 32,000 surcharge free ATM's nationwide, free checks with a full direct deposit.

Extras: Money orders, Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance. GAP protection on loans.


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